• Stakeholders in Taisun still maintain communication with the seven major ethnic groups compared to 2020. The main purpose of communication is to maintain mutual assistance and cooperation and to understand the key issues affecting decision-making. The classification is as follows:
      1. Investment and Lending: Shareholders and Banking Groups
      2. Product Sales: Dealer / Customer / Consumer
      3. Company Operations and Product Manufacturing: Employees
      4. Product manufacturing: supplier / foundry
      5. Plant Impact: Plant Neighbors / Public Interest or Environmental Groups
      6. Social supervision: government unit / assessment unit / experts and scholars
      7. Public Opinion: Media Reporters / Advertisers / Public Relations / Internet Villagers
  • According to the GRI standard indicators related to the Group and capable of management, we compared the issues of concern to various communities and internally screened corporate governance, product management, environmental management, and personnel management topics. 
  • Confirm the interest of each issue with the stakeholders of the seven major issues and obtain an effective questionnaire.
  • Then, we will evaluate the impact of the issue on Taisun’s sustainable management with the heads of various internal business departments.

Stakeholder identity, issues of concern, communication channels      


StakeholdersRanking of main concernsCommunication method/channelImportant communication notes in 2020
A. Investment lending:
Shareholders/Banking Group
1. Compliance with food safety regulations
2. Operating and financial performance
3. Ethical management
4. Customer safety and health
. Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
. Announcements of major news
. Dedicated person to receive shareholder email messages daily
. Contact person: 02-2506-4152 Ext. 9350
Manager Liu of the Financial Division.
1.The 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders was held to pass a resolution on the 2019 profit distribution proposal and distribute a cash dividend of NTD 0.9 per share.
2.An institutional investor conference was held on November 26 2020.
3.Responded to several interviews with financial institutions and institutional investors.
B. Sales and purchasing:
1. Compliance with food safety regulations
2. Customer safety and health
3. Product labeling and marketing compliance
. Business visits to various channel vendors from time to time
. Ad hoc consumer market surveys
. Daily customer service line answering and processing
. Online announcements of product and company information
. Disclosure of product identification information.
. Marketing campaign contact:
02-2506-4152 Ext. 9318 Ms. Wu.
. Customer and consumer service line:
1. 21 market surveys were conducted, and 2,218 people participated in product opinion surveys.
2. There were 281 product complaints and 155 cases of abnormal improvement that were confirmed by the quality assurance system. Among them, the Tianzhong Production Department traced 123 cases and outsourced processing traced 32 cases, responding to consumer needs and improving quality.
3. In 2020, there were zero cases fined for violations of advertising laws.
C. Operations management:
Governance group/Staff
1. Operating and financial performance
2. Customer safety and health
3. Labor-employment relationship
4. Market position
.Regular communication: Weekly department
meeting/monthly supervisor meeting/monthly management meeting
.Set up employee complaint mailbox
.Ad hoc event handling/satisfaction survey
.Contact person: 02-2506-4152 Ext. 9527
Chief Cai of the Human Resources Department.
1. In response to COVID-19, the outbreak prevention strategy was launched in January.
2. The Company employs mainly local workers, among them, 96.6% are Taiwanese workers and 3.4 foreigners.
3. In 2020, employee benefit expenses amounted to NTD 5,837,4880, for an average of NTD 9,107 per person.
4. There were no work injuries. A fine of NTD 70,000 was imposed for one overtime incident.
5. As it was the Company’s 70th anniversary, under the epidemic prevention principle, 1 celebration event was held, and 2 employee trips organized in different areas; all activities carried out by different departments were reported in accordance with the epidemic prevention principle.
D. Process relationship: Supplier/Outsourced factory1. Procurement management
2. Supplier and OEM management
3. Operating and financial performance
4. Customer safety and health
. Regularly visit and evaluate suppliers.
. Item by item quality inspection each time raw materials enter the factory.
. Ad hoc meetings to discuss product quality.
. Contact person: 04-874-2211 Ext. 341
Ms. Lai, Quality Assurance Department.
1. In order to ensure stable supply of suppliers and that the quality meets standards, 50 vendors were evaluated in 2020, accounting for 32% of the total purchase amount of raw materials.
2. 61% of suppliers have attained the good safety and quality management system certification. Counseling will continue to be provided to improve the management standards of our partners.
3. In 2020, the acceptance rate is 93.3%. Raw materials that have been accepted will be screened once more prior to production use to strive for strict control of the quality. The material inspection pass rate is 99.9%.
E. Community interaction:
Factory neighbors/
Public welfare or environmental groups
1. Local community relations
2. Air emission management
3. Customer safety and health
. Daily dedicated line to answer community charity needs
. Sponsor/improve public welfare needs from time to time
. Volunteers are mobilized from time to time to contribute to charities
. Participate in non-profit activities from time to time
. Receive visits and engage in dialogues ad hoc
. Contact person: 04-874-2211 Ext. 564
Mr. Yan, Public Relations Division.
1. In 2020, the Company supported 22 units, organized 29 related events, and donated 498 boxes of products./
2. The factory was found to have violated environmental protection regulations for 4 incidents with a fine of NTD 178,000.
3. Long-term local activities to support the large-scale Tianzhong Marathon and Ershui Marathon, development of local tourism, product and volunteer sponsorship investment of at least 2 million to support local economic prosperity.
F. Legal management:
Evaluation unit/
Experts and scholars
1. Customer safety and health
2. Product labeling and marketing compliance
3. Compliance with food safety regulations
. Cooperate with government agencies for inspections from time to time
. Participate in government agency policies or development meetings from time to time
. Contact person: 04-874-2211 Ext. 315
Manager Lin, Quality Assurance Department.
1. A total of 571 independent outsourcing inspections of products, 21 inspections of water source and water quality, 181 inspections of oil products, 61 inspections of tea, 39 random inspections of beverages, 70 inspections of Baote tea beverages, and inspections of canned foods 62 times, 12 times for packaged drinking water and 21 times for snacks, with all qualified.
2. Food factories and oil and fat factories received one mandatory audit by the government and government-sponsored units and were qualified. A total of 7 food safety and quality audits by a third-party impartial unit were accepted and the audits were passed.
G. Control of public opinion:
Media reporter/
PR agency/
1. Customer safety and health
2. Compliance with food safety regulations
3. Product labeling and marketing compliance
4. Ethical management
. Release media news materials from time to time
. Official website public response on days that major information emerges
. Organize media briefings/meals from time to time
. Official website, FB fan group message interaction
. Contact person: 02-2506-4152 Ext. 9203
Ms. Liu of the Public Relations Department.
1. 15 media press releases, 2 media conferences, and occasional socializing.
2. Gifts given to media reporters during the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.
3. Handle Taisun's official website and update Taisun information from time to time. A total of 340,000 netizens came to learn about Taisun's information, and 93%% of them were from Taiwan. They all participated in the activities.
4. Strengthened the fan group on Facebook - there are approximately 51,400 fans on Facebook (42% male and 58% female); 135 posts annually, reaching 2,511,130 users; and 477 users engaged in product recommendations or event ideas in private messages.