Issue Materiality Management

Stakeholder identification process

The main purpose of communication is to maintain mutual assistance and cooperation and to understand the key issues affecting decision-making. The classification is as follows:

  1. Investment and Lending: Shareholders and Banking Groups
  2. Product Sales: Dealer / Customer / Consumer
  3. Company Operations and Product Manufacturing: Employees
  4. Product manufacturing: supplier / foundry
  5. Plant Impact: Plant Neighbors / Public Interest or Environmental Groups
  6. Social supervision: government unit / assessment unit / experts and scholars
  7. Public Opinion: Media Reporters / Advertisers / Public Relations / Internet Villagers

Review of the materiality of the issue

In the process of preparing this annual report, we followed the GRI Standards for 25issues and re-examined the material topics of the GRI Standards and the content of this report from the perspectives of stakeholders’ tolerance, business sustainability, materiality, and integrity, and identified that eight issues out of the 25 material issues corresponded to various topics in the GRI Standards. The economic, social, and environmental aspects and food safety management are the basis for preparing this report.

Stakeholder identity, issues of concern, communication channels      


StakeholdersMajor Care issuesCommunication method/channel
A. Investment and loans

1. Compliance with food safety regulations
2. Operating and financial performance
3. Ethical management
4. Customer safety and health
.Annual general meeting of shareholders
.Announcement of material information on the day
.Dedicated person for handling emails or messages from shareholders every day
.Finance Office/ Manager Liu
B.Sales and purchases:

Distributors / Clients / Consumers
.Customer safety and health
.Internationally certified raw materials
.Tracking and tracing
.Irregularly visit to various distributors and consumer
market survey
.Daily customer service hotline
.Online announcement of products and company information

Marketing event:Ms. Wu

consumer service hotline:
C. Operations management:
Governance group / Employees
.Financial performance
.Harmonious labor-management relations
.Market presence
.Personnel training
.Enhanced corporate governance
.Regular communication: Weekly departmental meeting, monthly managerial meeting, or monthly business meeting
.Setup of employee complaint mailboxes
.Irregular events or activities or satisfaction surveys
.HR Management Group/
Assistant Manager Tsai,
D. Process and supply

Suppliers / OEM
.Procurement management
.Internationally certified raw materials
.OEM evaluation management
.Ethical management
.Customer safety and health
.Regularly visit to evaluate suppliers.
.Incoming inspection of the quality of raw materials one by one.
.Irregular meetings to discuss product quality.
.Quality Assurance Department /Manager Lin,
E. Community interaction:

Residents around
plants /Nonprofit or
environmental groups
.Customer safety and health
.Waste management
.Market presence
.Community relations
.Irregular sponsorship/improvement to needs for charity
.Irregular mobilization of volunteers to be dedicated to charity
.Irregular participation in non-profit events or activities
.Irregular reception for visits for dialogues
.PR Section / Mr. Yan,
F. Compliance:

Government agencies
/Evaluation entities/
Experts / Scholars
.Internationally certified raw materials
.Customer safety and health
.Market presence
.Irregular cooperation with government agencies' audits
.Irregular participation in government agencies' policies or development meetings
.Quality Assurance Department /Manager Lin,
G. Public opinion:

Media or reporters /
Advertising agencies /PR agencies / Netizens
.Financial performance
.Enhanced corporate governance
.Irregular release of media news
.Response to any material information on the official website on the day
.Irregular briefings or gatherings with the media
.Interaction through the official website or Facebook fanpage
.PR Section / Ms. Liu,