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Safety and health are crucial for protecting a company’s human resources, ensuring production and quality, guaranteeing sustainable development, and aligning with current trends. With Taisun’s commitment to international safety and health standards, ensuring occupational safety and health has become essential for trade and is crucial for achieving sustainable development and operational success. Taisun strives for 0% incidence of occupational diseases and 0% major occupational injuries.

1. Major Risk Control Items
Taisun has established the Occupational Safety and Health Committee in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act. This committee operates in accordance with the law and utilizes the Occupational Safety and Health Management System. Its main objectives are to prevent significant occupational injuries, identify hazards, conduct risk assessments and accident investigations, provide occupational health services and training, and promote a healthy work environment.

2. Management actions

  1. The Occupational Safety and Health Committee met regularly on a quarterly basis, totaling 4 meetings.
  2. A total of 9 cases on risk prevention and safety maintenance improvement were addressed, including 2 fire
    safety cases, 1 falling protection case, 2 chemical protection cases, and 4 lift cases.
  3. There were 9 safety campaigns reaching 489 people, and 6 safety campaigns for contractors, reaching 32 people.
  4. A total of 408 people participated in 8 fire safety exercises, and a total of 317 people participated in 2 emergency response exercises.
  5. We offered occupational safety and health training to 65 new recruits and 24 part-time workers for a total of 139.5 hours.
  6. The performance evaluation of each unit in the food plants included an assessment of their 6S performance. Additionally, a contact list for safety and health was established. A total of 420 defects were promptly addressed and improved, while 26 defects were identified and action plans were implemented. Out of these, 23 defects were successfully resolved and closed, resulting in an impressive improvement rate of 88%.
  7. Implement emerging hazard prevention projects:
    (a) The Human Factors Hazard Prevention Program surveyed 278 individuals and compiled a list of 7 injuries and illnesses to be included in the physician’s clinical service list.
    (b) A total of 28 employees, classified as moderate- and high-risk, were identified in the disease prevention program triggered by abnormal workload. On-site physicians prioritized these employees for medical
    services, while also providing health guidance to encourage lifestyle changes, seeking medical assistance when necessary, adjusting work patterns, and conducting annual tracking.
    (c) We provided maternal health protection and education for a total of two individuals. This included arranging pregnancy and postpartum related health education and guidance, as well as improving the working environment to enhance comfort during pregnancy.
  8. The physician conducted on-site services 71 times, providing health assessments and work suitability assessments. Work adjustments are recommended based on the employee’s illness, type of work, and hours
    worked, using the annual health examination report and health assessment and work suitability assessment after an injury or illness. Additionally, maternal health protection and musculoskeletal health care targets are included, and a fitness-for-duty assessment is conducted with a physician at the labor and delivery line when necessary.
  9. A total of 300 massage services were provided, with service suspension occurring from May to December in the Central Region and from May to September in Taipei due to the pandemic. Employees actively participated, and the reservation rate reached 100%, effectively promoting physical and mental health and relaxation. In addition, the Tianzhong plant has set up sports clubs such as a Yoga Club and a Jogging Club, which regularly organize exercise and teaching activities.
  10. Annual Employee Health Screening:
    (a) General health checks: 652 people
    (b) Physical examinations for food workers: 347 people
    (c) Ionizing radiation workers: 5 people
    (d) Dust workers: 28 people
    (e) Hearing tests: 117 people, Noise workers: 27 people
    (f) New production headquarters staff (incl. work-study and student interns) physical examinations: 78 people
  11. Notification and tracking of dangerous abnormal values and health management levels:
    (a) 6 people were tracked for abnormal values.
    (b) 10 people were tracked for abnormal values in hearing tests.
  12. Due to the pandemic situation, health promotion activities were centered around literature and publicity to discourage gatherings. This was accompanied by QR code video viewing, covering a total of 9 themes: (a)
    myocardial infarction, (b) four tips for protecting your lungs, (c) understanding intervertebral disc herniation, (d) taking care of your hearing, (e) prevention of the three highs, (f) maintaining a proper diet, (g) occupational carpal tunnel syndrome, (h) occupational rotator cuff syndrome, and (i) key points for healthcare in cold weather. There was also one physical health seminar attended by 44 people.
  13. The workplace medical kits, consisting of 13 sets in 13 units, are managed by the company. Each month, the factory guard conducts regular audits of each unit, ensuring that the medical materials are up to date and supplemented as needed. Additionally, information regarding the use of various medical materials and basic wound care methods is made available to employees. To ensure food safety, a special aluminum containing film blue bandaid, suitable for the catering industry, is used to facilitate metal detection.

3. Management Achievements

  1.  In 2022, there was a single fire incident at the feed factory. The fire was caused by external flames entering the factory premises, but fortunately, no lives were lost and no property damage occurred.
  2. Zero incidence of occupational illness and zero severe occupational injuries.
  3. In 2022, no severe occupational accidents were reported at the production plant. The cumulative number of consecutive days without a severe occupational accident reached 1,807, starting from January 19, 2018. 


Taisun is dedicated to fostering harmonious labor-management relations by offering diverse communication channels, benefits, and a conducive work environment. This enables employees to work with peace of mind, enhances their perception of the Company, reduces turnover, and ensures stability in our human resources and intellectual capital. Moreover, it improves production efficiency and facilitates operational development.

Taisun effectively manages labor-management relations by ensuring timely communication of material information, minimizing labor disputes, maximizing the utilization of benefits, facilitating smooth reinstatement and retention after parental leave, monitoring the percentage of new employees, and minimizing turnover rate.

This approach helps maintain a harmonious labor-management relationship.



1. Diverse Communication Channels and Human Rights Protection

Taisun Enterprise Co., Ltd. has developed and released the Declaration of Human Rights Protection.
This declaration aims to create a healthy and safe workplace, prevent any form of discrimination, ensure equal opportunities for all employees, prohibit child labor and forced labor, prevent any unlawful infringements,
respect privacy, and establish effective communication between labor and management. In 2022, labor relations remained harmonious, as evidenced by the absence of any anomalies reported through employee care mailboxes or direct communication with human resources managers. Furthermore, there were no instances of discrimination complaints or labor disputes.

  1. Regular quarterly labor-management meetings: In 2022, we conducted a total of four meetings in March, June, September, and December. These meetings were attended by a majority of representatives from both sides. During these meetings, various proposals were discussed, including the 2023 annual schedule. Both sides reached a consensus and adopted resolutions regarding this matter. Additionally, the Ministry of Labor announced the major policies to be implemented from January 2023 onwards. Notable changes include an adjustment of the monthly minimum wage to NT$26,400 and an adjustment of the minimum wage to NT$176.
  2. The Employee Welfare Committee convenes quarterly, holding a total of four meetings. During these meetings, topics such as enhancing birthday gifts and annual gift certificates, organizing cultural and recreational activities, formulating the 2023 budget, and enhancing various welfare programs were discussed, agreed upon, and implemented.
  3. Employee Satisfaction Survey: 389 valid questionnaires were collected this year (+40/+11.5% compared to 2021), with a valid recovery rate of 85.9%. The survey revealed an overall average satisfaction rate of 4.446
    (74.11%), representing a 0.27% increase from the 2021 rate of 4.430 (73.84%). Specifically, Job Satisfaction, Internal Communication, and Corporate Culture all showed improvement compared to the previous year.
    We value the honesty of our employees and recognize the significance of their perception of the company in driving improvements. By ensuring that employees understand the impact of their opinions, they will feel valued and motivated to provide feedback, ultimately contributing to the company’s continuous improvement.
    Therefore, we will continue to closely monitor the employee satisfaction survey.
2. Diverse Communication Channels and Human Rights Protection
  1. Both Taisun and Pin-Tai Distribution Enterprise Co., Ltd. have established Employee Welfare Committees to offer identical benefits to both full-time and part-time employees. These benefits include subsidies for marriage, childbirth, funeral, home purchase, and childcare. Additionally, employees receive two gifts for each of the three major holidays and Labor Day. The pandemic had an impact on the annual plan, preventing the company from organizing large-scale cultural and recreational activities. However, in the fourth quarter, when the pandemic subsided, employees were given access to an online platform for choosing travel and catering programs. This brought some happiness and resulted in an expenditure rate of 92.85%, with an average benefit of NT$11,145 per employee.
  2. We offer employee dormitories and provide accommodations for employees from different counties and cities.
    The Tianzhong dormitory has 14 rooms, while the Yuanlin dormitory has two rooms. In 2022, the Tianzhong dormitory accommodated 11 people, and the Yuanlin dormitory accommodated two people. Individuals who previously received rental subsidies despite the presence of vacant units will continue to receive the subsidy according to their preferences.
  3. Visually impaired masseurs are employed to offer massage services. In 2022, massage services were temporarily halted in the Central District from May to mid-October, and in Taipei from May to September, as a result of the pandemic. Services resumed in October once the pandemic situation improved. A total of 300 individuals availed themselves of this service.
  4. Due to the nature of the industry, employees at the production plants undergo annual health checkups, food service operation checkups, and special checkups for noise, radiation, dust, etc. Other employees receive labor health checkups every two years, while supervisors of seven or more grades are offered advanced health checkup programs.
  5. The Company determines the year-end bonus amount based on the annual operating results. In 2022, despite ongoing challenges and the lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have persevered and demonstrated strong ambition. Through our collective efforts, we have surpassed our 2023 goal ahead of schedule, achieving billions of dollars in revenue. As a result, the year-end bonus amount has increased slightly compared to the previous year. We extend our gratitude to the Group’s business divisions for their diligent efforts in stabilizing the Company’s profitability by seizing trends and opportunities. We also express our appreciation to each and every employee for their unwavering dedication and commitment to the Company.
  6. We contribute an amount equal to 30% of employees’ contributions to the employee stock ownership trust. Employees who have completed two years of service are eligible to apply for membership. In 2022, our contribution matched 100% of employees’ contributions.
  7. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers employees a means to seek assistance and support. In 2022, a total of 70 individuals received help through various channels, including the 0800 hotline (9 individuals), Line (52 individuals), and a psychological management seminar (5 individuals). Additionally, (4 individuals) utilized the medical, legal, and financial consultation services. These services were made available through information cards, referrals from occupational nurses, encouragement from supervisors, and newsletters.
3. Carefree parental leave and reinstatement

Employees are provided with maternity leave, parental leave, and other legally mandated leave entitlements, irrespective of gender. We actively promote and support employees in availing themselves of unpaid parental leave to attend to their childcare responsibilities. Prior to the conclusion of the leave period, we proactively reach out to these employees to ascertain their intention to return to work. In 2022, a total of 15 individuals took parental leave, with 8 successfully reinstated.

4. Balance between new and resigned employees

In 2022, we experienced a significant increase in our workforce due to the construction of new production lines in our plants. Additionally, we hired management trainees to ensure a smooth succession process for employees who are retiring. We employ various methods to recruit local employees, tailored to regional and job-specific requirements, in order to effectively reduce turnover. We have developed a comprehensive preemployment training plan for new hires, with HR personnel assigned to provide this training. Additionally, we conduct regular interviews with new employees to monitor their progress and offer counseling services to facilitate their quick adaptation. Meanwhile, we are conducting interviews with employees who have resigned in order to understand the reasons behind their departure and provide prompt feedback to supervisors. We will also incorporate their suggestions about the Company into our comprehensive improvement plan.

5. Excellent Retirement System

The previous pension fund was fully contributed to in accordance with Article 56 of the Labor Standards Act. As of the end of 2022, the account balance stood at NT$234,039,356, exceeding the required amount.
To safeguard the future retirement rights and interests of our employees, we will continue to contribute 2% of the total salary to the Bank of Taiwan Retirement Reserve Account on a monthly basis. In light of the surplus reserve in the account, we have taken into account the pension fund’s revitalization, operational requirements, manpower demands, and business sustainability. As a result, we have approached employees who have served for over 30 years under the old scheme. We have settled their pension accounts and reappointed them under the new scheme, allowing them to access their pensions in advance while still working and benefiting from the new scheme.

1. Management Actions to Build Market Presence

  1. Salary System and Equal Promotion
    Due to the nature of the manufacturing industry and the current job market, Taisun’s workforce ispredominantly male. As a result, the overall salaries for male employees are slightly higher than those for female
    employees. However, we are committed to enhancing the compensation of our female staff. The compensationsystem is designed in a rational manner, taking into account the correlation between the Company’s operatingperformance and employees’ salaries. The criteria for review are internal balance and industry standards. Promotions and salary adjustments are determined through a fair and reasonable performance review process,resulting in an average salary adjustment of approximately 4.6% compared to 2021.
    Our promotion system is gender-neutral, ensuring equal opportunities for all employees. In 2022, a totalof 114 employees were promoted, with approximately 40% being female and 60% being male. After promotion,
    we provide education and training at various levels and through different systems, tailored to individual competencies. This is aimed at enhancing the knowledge and skills of managerial personnel, as well as the
    professional knowledge and skills of non-managerial personnel.
    The Company implements a performance appraisal system that is based on the principles of fairness andimpartiality. The results of these appraisals serve as a crucial starting point for talent development. Additionally, the aggregated targets’ outcomes are used as the foundation for year-end bonuses, salary adjustments, job rotations, and training. This approach effectively motivates employees to maintain their hard work. The number of employees who should have been assessed in 2022 was 606 and the actual assessment rate was 100%.
  2. Diversity and Equal EmploymentIn 2022, we actively supported and assisted socially disadvantaged groups in their integration into society. Specifically, we hired 5 individuals from ethnic minorities, including Taiwan’s indigenous peoples, and employed 12 individuals with disabilities. By providing employment opportunities to disadvantaged individuals, Taisun aims to promote equal opportunities and improve their quality of life. It is worth noting that there were no reported instances of rights violations in 2022.
  3. Local Employment
    In 2022, there were no significant layoffs resulting from operational issues or dissolution. We give priority tohiring domestic workers, and as a result, we only employ a small number of foreign workers to fill long-standingvacancies. Consequently, foreign workers make up 3.4% of our total full-time workforce. Additionally, all top-levelmanagerial positions are held by domestic workers, representing 100% of the total.



2. Market Presence Management Results

Employee training and recognition programs foster a sense of belonging among employees and contribute
to talent retention. We prioritize the enhancement of their professional skills, leveraging their expertise to drive
meaningful contributions to the company. In our enterprise’s key development strategy, we aim to strengthen our corporate culture and enhance employees’ competencies in order to foster effective teamwork.

1. Education and Training During the Pandemic

Despite the decrease in physical training courses due to the pandemic and the strict measures in place, we have maintained our commitment to organizing strategic courses for senior and mid-level managers, management courses for executives at all levels, professional courses, general education courses for all
employees, new employee training courses, and online sharing of articles. This has allowed us to consistently increase the average number of employee training hours each year. The courses encompass trend insights, general competencies, professional skills, leadership and management, and digital transformation. Their aim is to enhance the management competencies of managers at all levels and foster their capacity to learn and think from an interdisciplinary perspective.

2. Training on Corporate Strategy and Culture Development

To foster the future growth of our coffee business, we have transformed external training into internal training and introduced Coffee Brewing Courses to cultivate a stronger coffee-centric culture within our company.
To standardize and systematize knowledge transfer within the company, as well as enrich the resources of online learning materials, a three-day Internal Lecturer Training was conducted. The purpose of this training was to equip new trainees with the skills to effectively convert their professional knowledge and skills into standardized courses, improve their ability to create teaching materials, and cultivate their stage teaching skills.
We conducted seminars on “Analysis of Japan’s Local Creative Film and Television Works” and “New Thoughts on Senior Business Opportunities from the Perspective of Local Creativity”. These seminars fostered a fresh understanding among the units involved in liquor promotion and facilitated the exploration of future business prospects.
To facilitate supervisors’ comprehension of the significance of performance interviews and their successful implementation, two courses titled “Performance Interview Skills” were conducted. These courses aimed to assist managers in effectively communicating with the appropriate mindset and objective perspective during appraisals, as well as achieving a mutual understanding of performance expectations between managers and their subordinates.
In addition to organizing physical courses and providing an online learning platform, the Company also purchases books and gifts them to employees. This is done to enhance the health protection knowledge of managers and employees, as well as to understand local symbiosis issues. These books serve as a valuable resource for enriching health knowledge and can be used as a reference for promoting local services and corporate social responsibility.

3. Recognition of the Taisun Star to recognize employees’ continuous improvement and achievements

The Taisun Star has been held since 2007 and is now in its 16th year. Under the quota-submission, quotaaward mechanism, a total of 24 teams and individuals representing various groups participated in the judging in 2022. The nominees presented their key success factors at the panel, where the Chairman, President, and judges had the opportunity to personally meet and interact with them. Following a fair and transparent evaluation process, 2 groups of top newcomers, 6 groups of outstanding individuals, 1 group of exceptional coaches, 5 groups of exemplary teams, and a total of 88 colleagues were acknowledged. By promoting exceptional cases and publicly recognizing achievements, it can positively influence the behavior and mindset of employees.

4. Implementation Results of Annual Training Courses

In the knowledge-based economy era, talent cultivation and development serve as the cornerstone for a company’s sustainable operation and growth. In 2020, the average employee training hours were 10.7, impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. To address this, the Company swiftly adapted by organizing physical courses and implementing online learning platforms, adhering to pandemic prevention measures. This integration of virtual and real-world learning enabled uninterrupted learning for all. Consequently, there was a notable increase in average training hours in both 2021 and 2022.

In 2022, Taisun did not expand its plants or implement any significant operational changes in the local community, resulting in no adverse effects. The symbiotic relationship between an enterprise and the local community is the key to achieving sustainable corporate development. We actively engage in health initiatives within the local community through our plants. Our goal is to contribute to the positive development of society by leveraging the influence of our enterprise. Through our food plant, we successfully meet the nutritional needs of the underprivileged, while also maximizing the social value of our products. This, in turn, supports the growth
and prosperity of our plants and local communities, fostering a culture of positivity and creating a favorable social environment.
Taisun is attentive to the potential negative impact on the local community in terms of social relations. Additionally, we consider the influence of infrastructure investment and support service development on community life. We also actively manage related operational activities, offer public relations gifts to local charities, support the development of positive local initiatives, and contribute to the Taisun Cultural Foundation in order to improve lives and foster a sense of purpose. In 2022, there were no plant expansions. Instead, adjustments and improvements were made to the equipment and factory area, resulting in no negative impacts or complaint cases.

1. Sponsorship of Local Community with PR Gifts for Charity Purposes

  1. Supporting locally held international events
    Taisun has been the main sponsor of various events for 11 consecutive years, including the Taiwan
    Tianzhong Marathon and the International Ershui Water Marathon for 6 consecutive years. We have
    sponsored with more than 4,100 boxes of products with over 130 employees participating (including family and friends).
  2. Long support of local activities
    We have donated 538 boxes of products to support 14 organizations and 23 events.
2. Support for activities with a significant practical or positive influence on society
  1. Good Food Knowledge+
    Taisun leverages its food expertise and collaborates with the Digital Humanitarian Association to bridge the gap between urban and rural areas using technology. Starting in August 2022, we will conduct 9 long-distance food knowledge courses in 5 rural locations, with a total of 181 elderly participants.
  2. Supporting the Taiwan Religious Extravaganza
    In collaboration with Dajia Mazu, the Company has actively engaged in public welfare walks and booths for four consecutive years. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic in 2022, the number of attendees and participants was lower compared to previous years. Nevertheless, Taisun demonstrated its commitment by sending 146 boxes of products to a temporary stall. Additionally, 25 employees volunteered in the public welfare walks, exchanging their mileage for products. Furthermore, the company donated a total of 41 boxes of products to support disadvantaged groups.
3. In 2022, the Taisun Cultural Foundation received the esteemed “Social Education Contribution Award” group award from the Ministry of Education.
  1. Promote positive beliefs and transform life attitudes
    In light of the pandemic’s impact, we conducted a series of 24 lectures focused on mental growth. These lectures were primarily held online, with a portion also taking place in person. The annual theme for these lectures was “Changing Minds, Embracing the New Era”. In total, the online live broadcasts garnered 13,023 viewers, while the in-person lectures saw a participation of 3,522 audience members.
    We released the 104th – 107th editions of the “Taisun Family” quarterly newsletters, and disseminated e-newsletters and social media messages, reaching approximately 1,335,427 individuals.
  2. Parenting seminars help build a positive outlook on parenting
    We conducted 19 online parenting seminars and 2 sessions of a 10-week “Garden of Souls – Parenting Book Club” online course. These events were designed to engage parents in discussions about new parenting concepts and adaptive development, with the aim of providing emotional stability and fostering harmonious family relationships. A total of 6,681 parents actively participated in the online course.
  3. Promote life education related activities
    We organized online seminars on life education and storytelling seminars on life fighters, with the participation of 1,473 students and 1,359 teachers. Additionally, we have continued to distribute the Little Taisun Encouragement Award scholarships to support 242 students from disadvantaged or needy families who are facing hardships. Furthermore, the Reading Run is an ongoing initiative aimed at promoting both sports and reading habits. The two partner schools have collectively accumulated a total of 249,355 laps of reading promotion funds.