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We are Taisun Family and all the employees are our family members. We care about all the Taisun folks who select Taisun as the base to show their talent, and give competency the first priority in the recruitment, appointment, and development of the employees. We do not treat employees differently or discriminate against them due to their sex, race, religion, age, marriage status, political faction, and physical or mental disability. “For Us and For All”  is our mission. We are responsible to ensure the employees a better life and, thus, bring their family members a better future. Taisun is dedicated to facilitating a more healthy society with positive cycles.

In consideration of the development of the organization and the trend of the market in the future, we hire talents at all levels including recruitment of people who just start their carrier as management trainees, provision of practical training opportunities for students under an industry-university cooperation project, and employment of talents from different professional fields. We emphasize diversity of employees and encourage them to demonstrate their talent on the right place and at the right time.

Ⅰ Harmonious labor-management relations

To protect the rights and interests of the employees in their career, the pre-service training begins when they sign in for their work on the first day. The training course contains the corporate culture and core value, employee rules and rights, common language, rules of conduct, and description of relevant regulations and systems. We communicate with all the employees according to the Personal Information Protection Act and consent to enter into the employment contract. We also amend personnel management regulations according to the Labor Standards Act and other relevant laws. We strictly observe the labor regulations of the local government and never compel the employees to work by force, coercion, detention, or other illegal means. In case of any substantial change in the business operation, we notify the affected employees in advance as required by relevant laws and regulations. When any employment contract is to be terminated, we give an advance notice according to the Labor Standards Act as specified below: Where the employee has worked continuously for more than 3 months but less than 1 year, the notice is given 10 days in advance; where the employee has worked continuously for more than 1 year but less than 3 years, the notice is given 20 days in advance; and where the employee has worked continuously for more than 3 years, the notice is given 30 days in advance.

Ⅱ Multiple communication channels

The labor union communicates and coordinates with the management smoothly. To listen to the employees for their opinions and comments, and understand what they are thinking, we can additionally communicate with them through various direct and indirect channels to ensure that all the systems, design of activities, and appointment of employees are implemented with empathy to take care of the requirements of the employees.

  1. Performance interview:
    The performance evaluation system is applied to facilitate the one-on-one interview between the supervisor and employee, help understand the requirements of the employee for his/her appointment and development, and give them feedback.
  2. Complaint/reporting:
    Employee care, complaint, and ethical irregularity reporting mailbox; responsible unit: human resources department and department head; processing method: anonymous complaint is allowed. Depending on what is reported in the complaint, personnel will be designated to deal with the complaint confidentially. The rights and interests of the employee will not be affected. For the complaints over work practice or impact on human rights, reporting channels and punishments are established for the employees according to the “Labor Standards Act”, “Act of Gender Equality in Employment”, “Sexual Harassment Prevention Act”, and our internal systems and regulations.
  3. Internal website and bulletin board:
    Taisun website, employee questionnaire survey, ISO systems and regulations, organization and personnel affair bulletins, application for customer service, employees’ theme activities, special department corners, and communication of important messages are available for the employees to check or make application to increase their involvement.
  4. HR service AOs (Account Service Officer):
    A special HR service counter is set up for Taisun’s business groups and departments. It provides supervisors with HR management service and understands the work status of the front-line personnel. It is a communication bridge between the supervisors and the company, and dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of the employees according to the Labor Standards Act and other regulations.

Ⅲ Development of talents and educational training
We are devoted to providing employees with diverse and abundant learning environment. In addition to establishing educational training management regulations, we integrate internal and external training resources, train the employees at different levels to fully demonstrate their talent, inspire relevant knowledge and skill, form a correct attitude toward the work, and achieve the goals of mutual coordination, increase of work value, and improvement of work effectiveness. Development of talents is integrated with the operating strategy of the company and the development of the employee’s competencies. Comprehensive educational training is provided to ensure that all the employees are competent for their work and create excellent performance results.
. Build the “Taisun Enterprise University”- more diversified learning approach
. Train new employees – planned and comprehensive pre-service training
. Enhance management competency – systematical training of new managers to improve their capability
. Improve professional competency – enhancement of the profit and loss awareness through the accounting institute
. Implement general training – Well-arranged communication to protect the rights of the labor and management under the new labor system
. Define key positions and train talents for inheritance.

To prevent occurrence of occupational accidents, we systematically educate employees the awareness of safety and health in the system, environment, activity, and culture to make sure they have the capability of foreseeing hazards and taking countermeasures. We set up an occupational safety and health management unit according to the Occupational Safety and Health Act and Occupational Safety and Health Management Regulations. It is responsible for developing, planning, supervising, dealing with safety and health management affairs, and instructing relevant departments to take implementation measures including educational training with safety and health topics, SOP and job safety analysis, safety and health inspection, test instruments and personal protection equipment, medical care, safety and health activities, and teaching employees how to foresee and reduce hazardous factors at the workplace. The plant checks the environmental safety and fire extinguisher equipment in the production area every month. It promote the 5S principles (Sorting, Orderliness, Sanitary, Cleaning and Training) to help all the employees be involved in the active protection, make improvement proposals for hazards, risks, and audited deficiencies. 97.1% of the deficiencies were eliminated in 2016 and the improvement is made continuously in 2017.

  1. Safety and health training

We provide safety and health training for new and transferred employees according to relevant laws. As Article 13 of the “Labor Safety and Health Education and Training Rules” provides, the employees who are engaged in treatment or use of hazardous substances shall undergo required safety and health education and training. Slogans are posted at the workplace to remind the employees and enhance the safety awareness and alert.  The fire department is requested to help organize fire-fighting exercises and training for the employees twice a year. Designated personnel are dispatched to training institutions for first-aid and occupational safety management training to acquire the license in compliance with the law.

  1. Reduction of occupational injury with improved equipment

We have applied robot arms to the refrigeration line and aqua feed plants to protect the employees from being hurt during carrying.

  1. Striving for AED safety place certification

We set up Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in all or our buildings and plants, and help employees identify their location via a certification mechanism to improve the environmental safety. We also teach employees the first-aid knowledge and operation skill so that they can control the golden time of first-aid and possibly become the guardian angel to protect the life of anyone.

  1. Physical examination of employees

We provide physical examination for all the employees of the plants to understand their health status. The items of the physical examination go beyond the requirements of the “Labor Health Protection Rules” in order to protect the health of the employees. The approaches to improvement of the health include inviting professional medical team to provide physical examination (food safety, risk, high-level physical examination for supervisors, health report consultation, improvement of health and welfare) to understand and improve the health status together with the employees.

  1. Improvement of employees’ health

We and employees put the health in the first place. The company take many health improvement measures, including meal management, organization of health improvement clubs, dissemination of health, and health competition, to help and encourage employees to manage their health and find the balance between the work and health.

Ⅰ Incentive compensation system

The compensation that we give to the employees is higher than the median of the market level and can meet the basic consumption level of a local household. The compensation for the employees responsible for execution of the strategies is also competitive. The “Compensation Committee” defines the compensation policy, system, standard, and structure. It regularly reviews the compensation and welfare measures against the level of the competitors in the industry and make sure that the compensation is designed in line with relevant laws and adequate to attract outstanding talents. The compensation for each job grade and level is defined in line with internal and external fairness and personal performance without discrimination of sex and race.

  1. Promotion and compensation adjustment
    To train professional technical personnel and promote outspending supervisors for achievement of the strategic goals in the coming 3 to 5 years, we inventory and find out the best employees of potentiality from different business groups and departments, promote them, and adjust the compensation for them according to the internal “Personnel Management Regulations”.
  1. Performance and year-end bonuses
    The bonus is designed in combination with the operating performance of the company to encourage the department and employee to create performance and be involved in the work on a long-term basis. Work and business bonuses are designed as incentives for the production and sales departments to encourage improvement of the quality and achievement of the performance goals. The year-end bonus pragmatically reflects the operating performance of the Taisun Group. A year-end bonus equivalent to the compensation of 1.0~1.65 months is approved based on the performance of the cross-strait sales team. A weight of 50% ~ 200% is added depending on the personal performance evaluation.
  1. Objective and fair performance system
    The performance management system of the Taisun Enterprise is purposed to ensure consistency between activity and performance of the employee and the strategic goal of the organization, promotion of the continuous communication between the supervisor and employee; to find and train the employee of high potentiality.  By setting and executing the goals of the organization and employee, we praise for good performance and conduct through performance evaluation with the support of cross-department feedback to ensure more objective and fair evaluation of the work performance and value of the employee. The capability gap of the employee is identified by doing so, too. We make suggestions on the training and development, and draw up a individual development plan (IDP) for the coming year, if necessary. A performance improvement plan (PIP) is implemented for the employees who do not perform well. The plan contains the goals of improvement and instruction methods. It is use to support the employees who have bad performance and increase their working motivation.

Ⅱ Comprehensive employee welfare

  1. Employee Welfare Committee
    We establish the “Employee Welfare Committee of Taisun Enterprise Co., Ltd.” and the “Employee Welfare Committee of Pin-Tai Distribution Enterprise Co., Ltd.” according to relevant laws to provide a comprehensive welfare system for all the employees and meet their personal and family care requirements. We appropriate 0.06% of the turnover into the employee welfare fund every month and provide benefits in four categories of “welfare subsidies”, “educational grants”, “recreation and entertainment allowances”, and “other benefits”. The money that is not used will be allocated to the budget of the next year. We hope that all the resources are used effectively for service of the employees to take care of their health in their body, mind, and spirit. The Employee Welfare Committee organizes activities with the “Enjoy Together, Participate Together, Own Together” as the core. In addition to taking basic care of the employees according to relevant laws, we provide more benefits for our employees including flexible working hours, paid personal and sick leave for supervisors, employee’s uniforms, meal allowance, preferential price for the employees to buy our products, and stock trust benefits for the employees.
  1. Child-nursing and family care
    To help the employees look after their work and family simultaneously, we provide maternity leave for female employees, paternity leave for male employees, and family care leave for all the employees according to “Labor Standards Act”. According to the “Employment Insurance Act”, the employee who has worked for 1 year and has children under 3 years of may apply for paid parental leave for a period of no more than 2 years. After the paid parental leave ends, we will arrange the employee to his/her original post or give guidance and arrange him/her to a new post.
  1. Secured retirement and care:

    In order to reward senior colleagues for their retirement and protection of retirement claims, the human resources unit will provide a list of qualified persons for the next year at the end of each year. After the unit manager consults with colleagues who meet the retirement requirements, the human resources unit will conduct individual interviews with the unit manager and Communicate and assist colleagues who have filed retirement applications for attendance and vacation arrangements, and timely staff care. We issued a retirement pension for retired colleagues in accordance with the law, and held a retirement farewell party to present the medal to express gratitude and blessings. 

    .Labor retirement reserve (Old System Pension)

    The company has established a pension supervision committee to supervise the provision and distribution of employee pensions in accordance with the Labor Standards Law and the Labor Pension Regulations. A 6% retirement fund is allocated monthly based on the company’s salary plus overtime pay, which is deposited in a special account of the Taiwan Bank’s Labor Retirement Reserve Supervision Committee, which provides regular retirement report. Since 2015, the gap between the total retirement benefits of eligible employees and the balance of the special account is estimated according to the provisions of the Labor Standards Law each year. Rights. 

    .Labor Pension Withdrawal (New System Pension)

    For those who choose the new pension regulations, their working experience before the application of the regulations will be retained, and their retained working years will be calculated according to the labor retirement reserve standard. Withdraw 6% of the pension each month and pay it to the personal account of the labor pension established by the Labor Insurance Bureau.

Ⅰ Support special health competitions and encourage employees to participate

Taisun supports the local event ” Tianzhong Marathon”( Top 5 well-known events in Taiwan), which has not been interrupted since the first year. The amount of sponsorship each year has continued to grow due to the number of people and materials. The number of participants in the company has also increased from the first eight Go straight to the hundreds.

In addition to the  ” Tianzhong Marathon “, key marathon events and healthy large-scale sports events around Taiwan are all under the sponsorship of Taisun, committed to creating a vibrant and healthy society.

Ⅱ Promote positive social convention

Taisun’s products pursue “safety, health, and deliciousness”. These three principles are also the direction of internal culture. Taisun has selected local special events in 2018 to promote healthy actions and revitalize local development, and become a health supporter for everyone. In total, there were 415 opportunities to interact with local charity actions in 2018, and donated more than 45,000 boxes of goods to the local community.

Ⅲ Taisun Cultural Foundation

We appropriate funds to the “Taisun Cultural Foundation” every year and support its idea of “building up positive faith and starting harmonious life” with this tiny and long-term donation. The Foundation has dedicated itself to the spiritual growth and life education since it was founded. It promoted positive value and faith, built up social values of goodness, and persisted in what it believed over the past 27 years. It takes practical actions to give feedback to the society and creates happiness and security for people and society. The main functions of the Taisun Cultural Foundation include:

  •  Spiritual growth service; Realization of the value in the true, the good and the beautiful:

Organization of lecture courses on physical and mental health and publication of the “Taisun True Love” magazine.

  •  Life education service; Touching the life with lives:

Organization of the Story Teller – Fight for the Life event, summer life education workshops for teachers, and student aid funds and scholarships for Little Taisun.

  • Home education service; Happiness of children depending on the growth of the parents

Organization of parent education seminars in the hope to see that the health, happiness and growth of children start from the self-growth of their parents.