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Honesty, Uprightness, Responsibility

April 2016 is the turning point for Taisun. It brought about a wave to society, shareholder, and employee. However, it brought us changes and expectations. The right of management was changed smoothly from the current to the new team. The new management enhanced the communication and worked more closely with the employees in the field. The team made a pragmatic inventory to find out an accurate solution of improvement and ensure the operation and sustainable development of the company. It also learned together with the business groups and departments, exchange opinions with them, and tried to break out of the frame that they were used to create more possibilities for the change.

I am committed to working with all the Taisun’s employees to act with “Honesty, Uprightness, Responsibility”. For me, taking the responsibility for sustainable development of this 67-year old company is a task that should never be taken lightly. Now, I stand here and face the tremendous consumers, the shareholders who trust and support us, the employees who have being struggling with us in the same boat, and our upstream and downstream suppliers and sales partners. Therefore, I present these three words to encourage you and me to face the daily work honestly and uprightly, and put the multidimensional development of the company into practice. I expect that all of our Taisun folks act like a person of honor to serve the consumers and stakeholders, and I commit myself to communicating with employees in the manner of an ascetic monk to implement Taisun’s culture of Honesty, Upright, and Responsibility with good achievement.

To the shareholders, we will firmly and confidently pursue steady growth of the business in Taiwan and make efforts to put our commitment of “Focus on the original business and expand niches to create profits” into practice. Facing China, we still persist in the principle of “Enforcing reduction of losses and centralization of resources” and march forward continuously. We release ourselves from the outsourcing guarantee, improve our in-house manufacturing and operating capability, overcome the difficulties in China market, and expect a better business there.

Taisun has a 67-year manufacture advantage in the food industry. We build channel thresholds, reinforce back-end management systems, and make use of the solid foundation on the shoulder of the giant Taisun Enterprise. We will create more possibilities and expect that all of our shareholders, consumers, employees, and partners can see a better Taisun.

Chairman of Taisun Enterprise Co., Ltd.,
Peter Chan


Benefits for the Public and Creation of a Multi-Win Situation

Since the appointment in April 2016, I have deeply felt the “Heavy burden of responsibility” that I have never felt. Manufacturing of food is a big responsibility. In additional the original safety of food, we must focus on the development of financial resources, reduction of costs, profitability of the original business, and realization of shareholders’ equalities. More than 40 thousand shareholders are supporting us and we are creating excellent product experiences for consumers with the safety of food in the mind. Only the business operation that inspires the shareholders with confidence can create a 3-win situation for the shareholders, the employees, and the tremendous suppliers.

Different from the previous years when Taisun profited on non-operating revenues, we took the challenge to create profits from the original business in 2016. Bulk oil was the major source of the profit followed by the commercial food business. Though there were not many pigs at the Beidou farm and only a handful of employees took are of the farm, the company earned a few million dollars from this livestock business. Only the aqua feed business needs to be improved in the profitability. The profitability of the original business is the result of the production in shifts of the headquarters’ team to comprehensively meet the requirements of each business group and department. We also show our appreciation to the public. We could not finish this task without your support.

We will operate our bulk grease business more deeply in terms of the value chain and develop new markets to ensure solid profitability of the commercial oil. We will also enhance brand recognition and continuously improve innovative products to introduce new products with the highlights to the satisfaction of the consumers. As an enterprise of sustainable development, we need to train more talents for inheritance, implementation, and multidimensional development of the company. The manpower and goods of the Tianzhong plants must redeployed optimally and the quality must be upgraded immediately. Occupational safety and environmental awareness must be enhanced in the future to meet the requirements of the society.

General Managerof Taisun Enterprise Co., Ltd.,
Fred Chan

management team

The educational background and experience list

Chairman Republic of ChinaPeter ChanCalifornia State University Fullerton, Bachelor DegreeDirector, Taisun Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Director, Pin-Tai Distribution Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Chairman, Pioneer Traffic Co.Ltd.
General Manager Republic of ChinaFred ChanUtah State University, Master DegreeDirector, Taisun Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Director, Pin-Tai Distribution Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Director, Pioneer Traffic Co.Ltd.
Bulk Oil Group
Senior Vice General Manager
Republic of ChinaTsai Cheng-TaGraduate Institute of Economics, Fu Jen Catholic UniversityGeneral Manager of the Golden Agri Resources (Tianjin) Company
Operating Management Group
Vice General Manager
Republic of ChinaMax LeiDepartment of Finance, National Taiwan UniversityExecutive Assistant to General Manager of the Taiwan Bifido