Taisun Enterprise was established on October 26, 1950 by Chan Yu-Chu and his three brothers. Starting as Yi-Yu Oil Plant in Yuanlin, it has developed into a professional food manufacturer. In the early days, Taisun profited from salad oil production, livestock feed production, and canned food exportation. In 1973, Taisun Oil Plant and Food Plant were built in Tianzhong and the foundation of Taisun was set.From 1984, Taisun entered the domestic market with the strategy to “modernize traditional delicacies”. We released the Taisun Honey Herbal Jelly, the Taisun Mixed Congee, and other canned sweets to successfully got a fair share in the commercial food market. The following is a presentation of our development after entering the domestic market.

In June 2023, Taisun, under the leadership of Chairman Liu Wei-lung, aimed to reduce familial influence, focusing on enhancing corporate governance and profitability. They committed to stringent adherence to health and food safety standards, fostering sustainable operations. This approach included collaborative efforts with employees, suppliers, and partners to elevate Taisun, aligning with shareholder expectations.


  1. In January, the Board of Directors approved the appointment of Li Ming-Hui, Chen Min-Hsun and Tu Ying-Ta as the new members of the Remuneration Committee.
  2. Signed a contract with a company in the United States to formally authorize the distribution of “Sunkist” brand, and officially launched a new fruit juice business under the “Sunkist” brand.
  3. Signed a cooperation contract with Matsu Distillery to become the sales agent of Matsu sorghum liquor in China. Sales began in December.
  4. At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders it was decided to distribute earnings in the form of cash dividends at NTD 1 per share for 2022.
  5. The Taisun carbon inventory project (inventory years 2020 to 2021) passed the ISO14064-1 certification in June.
  6. The Company started mass production of the r-PET product exported to the USA in December, marking a further step towards environmental protection.
  7. In order to activate the value of long-term equity investment, enhance shareholders’ equity and improve the financial structure, the disposal of FamilyMart shares was resolved on December 2 by the board of directors. The total amount was NT$8.097 billion, and the disposition gain was NT$5.453 billion.
  1. To strengthen the food safety policy and improve corporate governance, a “Food Safety Center” and “Occupational Safety and Health Management Committee” have been set up to enhance the Group’s occupational safety level. The HR Administration Unit has been assigned as the dedicated ethical corporate management unit to reinforce ethical business management.
  2. In an attempt to correspond with Carrefour’s food transformation scheme to reduce the amount of plastic packaging, Shang Lee Food teamed up with farms with strictly selected pork (including Taisun’s Baidou Farm) to reduce disposable plastic products. Hence, high-density vacuum packaging has been adopted to respond to environmental protection while at the same time maintaining the freshness of food.
  3. Promoted the “Letter of Commitment for Integrity and Sustainable Management” for the Group’s vendors to sign and set up a Code of Conduct mailbox.
  4. The Annual Meeting of Shareholders passed the motion to distribute cash dividends of NTD 1.4 per share for 2020.
  5. Initiated 2020-2021 GHG greenhouse gas emissions inventory and planned to attain ISO 14064-1 in 2022.
  6. New Food Plant 3 (iron and aluminum can line) obtained an approval letter from Changhua County Government for plant registration.
  7. Awarded “iTaiwan i Sport” by the Sports Administration.
  8. Baidou Farm was crowned the second place for healthy pork by Changhua Meat Market.
  9. The 2021 Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting was held for the election of the 22nd Board of Directors, and Chan Ching-Chao was appointed as the chairman, Chan Yi-Houg as the vice chairman, and Tsai Cheng-Ta as the general manager.
  1. In January, the COVID-19 Prevention Management Program was implemented and as a result, there were no positive cases throughout the year.
  2. At the Annual Meeting of Shareholders it was decided to distribute cash dividends of NTD 0.9 per share for 2019 – the highest in 20 years.
  3. Taisun was included in MSCI World Small Cap Index.
  4. EAP Employee Assistance Program was introduced for the first time. It is a support system that integrates the Company’s internal and external resources for our employees to promote workplace health and reduce risk to the organization.
  5. New production lines were added for the oil business, and the establishment plan for new PE and iron and aluminum can production lines were initiated.
  6. First sugar-free and additive-free congee product was launched to provide consumers with a healthy choice – Taisun Healthy Grain Congee.
  1. The Board of Directors passed a resolution to distribute a total of NT$24 million in employee remuneration for 2018.
  2. The Annual Meeting of Shareholders decided to distribute cash dividends of NTD 0.8 per share for 2018.
  3. Compensation Committee organization rules were revised so that starting from June 1 more than half of the members will be independent directors.
  4. The oil office building was opened, and the efficiency of the oil laboratory and oil work space was improved; The grease factory added iron barrel equipment production line, increased production capacity, and replaced the plant’s robotic arm; the oil factory added a metal barrel equipment production line, increased production capacity, and replaced the plant’s robotic arm; the new water treatment equipment of the food factory opened and increased the activated carbon process, providing higher quality water quality; in addition, the boiler of the second plant was changed to natural gas facility operations, strengthening factory air pollution control equipment, and it completed the replacement of the sterilization kettle of the mixed congee line. All equipment investments have been successfully put into operation.
  1. Capital injection of NTD 2,390,607 thousand issued at a premium of NTD 16.30 per share, increasing capital to NTD 5 billion.
  2. A new product, Cha Street, is the first to launch a joint drink with hand-cranked stall chains to penetrate this market, launching Sunrise Chatai Signature Baked Milk, Comebuy Sweet Orange Jinxuan, and Shuixiang Cha Nong Lemon Little Perilla.
  3. Taisun entered the functional beverage market for the first time, launching its new BUFF energy drink.
  4. Launched new Woo Tang herbal jelly tea product, aiming at the sugar-free tea market with brand differentiation.
  5. Repaid NTD 1.4 billion in bank loans, significantly improving debt solvency and strengthen the financial structure.
  6. Dealt with real estate on Siming South Road for Taisun (Herbal) Co. Ltd., increasing operating revenues.
  7. The PET production line of the Tianzhong food factory passed domestic organic agricultural processed product verification and USDA Organic Handing verification.
  8. The Board of Directors passed a resolution to distribute a total of NT$11 million in employee remuneration for 2017.
  9. The Annual Meeting of Shareholders approved distribution of a 2017 cash dividend of NT$0.4 per share.
  10. To strengthen corporate governance, an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting was convened to re-elect the full slate of directors. It elected four ordinary directors and three independent directors, increasing the proportion of independent directors in the board structure.
  11. Taisun Enterprise (Zhangzhou) Foods Co., Ltd. made early repayment of USD 10 million in foreign debt in a syndicated bank loan.
  1. Taisun oil products (nine in total) obtained halal certification from the Taipei Mosque Foundation.
  2. Taisun Enterprise became an RSPO Member of the Palm Oil Sustainable Production Association.
  3. Launched seven new products. Among them, Cheers won the first place in sparkling water single product sales in June (Nielsen data).
  4. TWIST WATER obtained carbon footprint verification.
  5.  Taisun Enterprise (Kunshan) Co. Ltd. saw income proceeds transferred to Taisun Enterprise (Zhangzhou) Foods Co., Ltd.
  6. Held first institutional investor conference.
  7. By resolution of the Board of Directors, a capital injection of NTD 1,466,630 thousand was undertaken.
  8. The 2016 CSR Report won the Silver Award in the Traditional Group for the TCSA Sustainability Report Award.
  1. The Beidou farm passed and was certified by Carrefour CQL.
  2. An interim shareholders’ meeting re-elected the full slate of directors, and appointed Peter Chan as Chairman, Chan Chin-Chia as Vice Chairman, and Fred Chan as General Manager. At the same time, an audit committee was set up.
  3. Compensation Committee members changed, with Wu Chieh-Hsin, Tung Chun-Jen, and Liu Ming-Hsiung serving as committee members.
  4. Chan Hao-Jun was reassigned as Chairman of Taisun Enterprise (Zhangzhou) Foods Co., Ltd., to manage Taisun’s operations on the mainland.
  5. Taisun Enterprise (Zhangzhou) Foods Co., Ltd. and Hon Chuan (Zhangzhou) Packaging Co., Ltd. agreed on termination of their performance bond but still continued to cooperate.
  6. In response to the amendment of the Labor Standards Act, Taisun held control meeting to address arrangement of the production line shift schedule, reduction of the personnel expenses, and impact on the Company.
  1. Introduced electronic invoicing system to facilitate follow-up and tracing of food and ensure food safety in the future. Established as the first food company in Central Taiwan to introduce an electronic invoicing system.
  2. Introduced robotic arms to improve the working environment of the refrigeration line and save the manpower needed to work at low temperature.
  3. Rolled out Mesona Q Milk onto the market, taking natural herbs as the core of the brand to launch healthy herbal jelly products.
  4. Launched Taiwan Peanut Soup product. All of the peanuts were planted in Taiwan to provide safe quality material, and no condiments were added. The material was simmered to reproduce the original flavor of Taiwanese peanut soup as it tasted in the old times.
  5. GMP Certification was changed to TQF in the second half of 2015. Taisun supported the change and carried out the sequential certification procedure.
  6. Biomass boilers were used in all of Taisun’s plants. It saved 1,461 kilograms of fuel oil in 2015 compared with the prior year and reduced CO2 emissions by 4,543 tons, thereby implementing carbon reduction measures.
  7. The “Inseparable Cap” of Taisun Pure Water won the silver medal of the 2014 Innovative Product Appraisal Award.
  8. Carried out a fairy grass contract with the Changhua Second Water Farmers Association, extending from five land leases to 30 land leases. Also extended co-cultivation cooperation to the Zhongpu area of Chiayi.
  9. Issued the first CSR report and reviewed management actions based on GRI4, an international program indicator.
  1. Taisun Enterprise adopted a brand new corporate identity.
  2. Chairman Kenneth Chan was elected as the third president of the Chinese Excellent Management Association (CEMA).
  3. Taisun’s Mesona Tea brand invited Jam Hsiao to act as spokesperson for the whole year.
  4. Launched a Mesona Monopoly app, stepping into the mobile market for the first time by combining a monopoly game and the concept of bonus points; the app broke through 50,00 downloads in a single month.
  5. Signed a contract with the Ershui Rural Association for domestic fairy grass production, making this a source of fairy grass.
  6. Introduced Oracle’s PLM R&D management compliance system to strengthen autonomous management systems and align with international standards. Further joined the Source Management Information Service Platform of the Food Industry Development Association.
  7. Food and oil plants acquired SQF-LEVEL3 certification. Became the first food company in Taiwan to obtain the highest level certification of the international SQF food safety standard.
  8. The pig house in the Beidou farm was completed with the environment control system. It passed the Carrefour CQL certification and the pork became a Carrefour commodity under strict selection.
  9. Expanded scope of cooperation with Itoen of Japan, manufacturing FamilyMart’s own-brand tea drinks under Itoen’s supervision.
  10. Launched RT-Mart’s exclusive Milk Red Bean dessert products.
  11. Launched SQF certified 100% Canola Oil.
  12. Launched unique, environmentally-friendly, convenient, and patented “Pure Water with Inseparable Cap.”
  13. Bing Jeon Guava Green Tea won the 2014 Innovative Product Appraisal Award.
  1. General Manager Tsou Hsin-Nan retired and took on an advisor position. On the recommendation of the Compensation Committee, the Board of Directors appointed Chairman Kenneth Chan to serve concurrently as General Manager.
  2. Chairman Kenneth Chan was elected as 18th chairman of the Feed Trade Union, 8th chairman of the Food Industry Development Association, and chairman of the Taiwan Advertisers Association (TAA).
  3. SAP-ERP system was launched online for Taiwan consumer foods and bulk oils.
  4. Cooperated with Taiwan Hon Chuan Group to develop aseptic filling lines; Mesona Tea, a brand new product, was development under cross-strait cooperation.
  5. Promotion activities were held under cross-strait cooperation and two “The Power of Grass” concerts were organized for the first time.
  6. Obtained FDA certification in producing green tea for Itoen of Japan, and passed the North American Costco quality system inspection. Obtained Itoen’s export orders from the United States and Canada.
  7. Jointly promoted “source management information service project in line with the global food industry” in cooperation with Weiquan after obtaining this project from the Science and Technology Program of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  8. The feed plant in Yuanlin changed its market position to a blank feed plant; the Taisun Beidou farm cooperated with Shang Lee Food to introduce “Lean Pork” to the market.
  9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil was launched under the Good Oil brand name with accompanying organic food certification.
  10. Good Oil brand Sunflower Seed Oil acquired the national good food certificate, standing as the only sunflower oil containing phytol.
  11. The “Bing Jeon Guava Green Tea” Fresh House made its debut and ranked as one of the Top 3 new tea beverages on the market.
  12. The copper chlorophyll content of the pure grape seed oil that Taisun imported from Spain was detected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as positive. The products were removed from the shelves and recalled from consumers. They were then sealed in the plant and the sale was stopped for further determination.
  13. The Taisun Cultural Foundation was praised by the Ministry of Education as the “2013 Outstanding Education Foundation.”
  1.  “TWIST WATER” won the 20th Taiwan Excellence Award. It was the first bottled water that won the honor of this well-established award.
  2.  “TWIST WATER” won the “Excellence” award in the Food & Beverage Category of Business Next’s 3rd Green Brand Investigation.
  3. Taisun’s “Good Oil” won the gold medal of the Reader’s Digest Renowned Brand Award for three consecutive years.
  4. HINA Nuannuan Siwu Iron Herbal Foaming Tablets won the National Quality Mark and double certification of the food GMP smile mark.
  5. Jiujiangfeng mullet caviar won the Excellent Aquatic Products Award from the Department of Agriculture, of the Executive Yuan.
  6.  The Babao line obtained GMP certification.
  7.  Passed the US FDA PET hot filling line certification and became the first company in Taiwan that exported PET-bottled neutral green tea to the USA.
  8. Undertook OEM for Itoen of Japan for sale in Taiwan of four items including green tea, 530 ml strong tea, and 975 ml.
  9. Taisun Bing Jeon Black Tea (IP 450ml) was incorporated in the “Safe Food Tracing Platform” of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  10. Signed an agreement with with mainland China’s Hon Chuan regarding its aseptic PET filling line.
  11. Launched new Big Straw brand products Ice Q Plum Green, and Konjac Milk.
  12. Bing Jeon brand launched new Sakura Apple Tea product.
  13. Taisun Biotech’s HINA brand rolled out One a Day Calcium Healthy Wafer product.
  14. Taisun (Herbal) Co. Ltd. opened its first store in the Qunguang region of Chengdu, Sichuan Province, on the mainland.
  15. Launched PP-bottled Black Fungus with Longan Drink.
  16. Launched a new Pearl Job’s Tears snack product (CAN330ml, PP290ml).
  17. The Good Oil successfully entered the olive oil market with market share of 7%.
  18. Held full product marketing activities for the first time with the Asian rock group Mayday, under the banner of “Drink Taisun and watch Mayday.”
  19. Yutai won the “Excellent Enterprise Award” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Micro and Small Enterprise Highlight Project.
  20. Obtained the well-known “Taisun” trademark in China.

1. Kenneth Chan took over the Chairman position and Tsou Hsin-Nan took over the General Manager position.
2. Taisun Enterprise (Zhangzhou) Foods Co., Ltd. marked the 10th anniversary of its establishment.
3. The IP, TP, and oil ISO22000 certificates were acquired in January 2007.
4. Nikomart signed an assets assignment agreement with FamilyMart.

1. Pin-Tai Distribution merged with Jian Tai International and Pin Tai Company.
2. The aquatic products plant for production of floating ripened aqua feed was completed in Tianzhong.
3. The BSC Performance Management System was introduced to the entire company.
4. Taisun Pure Water was attached with the processed food trace code required by the Department of Health of the Executive Yuan.
5. The Fresh Grass Jelly House acquired the “New Product Award” from the Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology.

1. The professional aquatic products plant in Tianzhong was officially launched for production of floating aqua feed.
2. Taisun (Herbal) Co. Ltd. was founded, and the Taisun (Herbal) Refreshing Dessert Flagship Shop was launched on Xiamen’s ZhongShan Road.
3. The Taisun Cultural Foundation won the “Social Education & Public Service Award” from the Ministry of Education in 2008.
4. New oil products Omega-3 Unsaturated Healthy Oil and Vitality Nuts Health Oil won a “New Product Commendation” from the Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology.
5. The GMP Outstanding Certificate was acquired for the packaging line of oil products.
6. The Baidou farm acquired the traceability certificate for its livestock products.
7. Taisun joined the Total Brand Management (TBM) benchmarking academy boot camp.
8. Chairman Kenneth Chan was elected as the 8th Secretary of the National Industry Council.
9. New brand Taisun Biotech launches its first “Nattokinase” product.
10. The Fresh House introduced unique large-grain products, namely Black Sugar Mesona with Coconut and Green Been with Job’s Tears and Coconut.

1. Yufeng pioneered collaboration with Hilife to jointly launch bubble mixture tea and march into the premium wedding pastry market by introducing a combination of different teas and refreshments with its Three Tea Ceremony cake gift box.
2. Introduced the first environment-friendly bottled water – TWIST WATER – in Taiwan under technical cooperation with the Plastics Industry Development Center, and acquired the first Carbon Footprint Label Certificate (No. 001) in Taiwan for its bottled water. .
3. Launched the nation’s first bottle of “Healthy and Good Blended Oil with the Essence of Nuts.” Taisun’s oil won the gold medal of the “2010 Reader’s Digest Renowned Brand Award.”
4. Taisun Biotech launched its HINA brand targeting the women’s market, with products including One a Day Calcium Cookies and Body Oil Tablets.
5. Launched Taisun Nine Falling Winds Mullet Rice to penetrate the meat market, and obtained the Golden Diamond Award for Taiwan Top Ten Quality Mullet Roe in 2010.
6. Taisun’s all-new official website came online.
7. Published the book “True Persistence” to share the management attitude and life philosophy of General manager Chan Jen-Tao.
8. The 60th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebration Cocktail Party was held at the Grand Hotel.
9. Chairman Kenneth Chan was elected as the 7th Chairman of the Food and Food Industry Development Association.
10. Chairman Kenneth Chan was elected as the first vice chairman of the Association for Business Excellence.
11. Distribution of cash dividends of NTD 64,049 thousand and retained earnings transfer to capital of NTD 128,097 thousand. Capital after capital increase was NTD 3,330,531 thousand.

1. Taisun’s “TWIST WATER” was selected by the Food Bev Media in 2010 as one of the 20 most friendly containers in the future. It was the only honored brand from Taiwan.
2. Taisun’s healthy oil again won the gold medal of the Reader’s Digest Renowned Brand Award.
3. The GMP Outstanding Certificate was acquired for Taisun’s packaging line of oil products.
4. Taisun mullet caviar won the Excellent Processed Aquatic Products Award from the Fisheries Department.
5. Yufeng Tea established its first mixed tea restaurant, “EMPERORLOVE Oriental Beauty Fashion Tea House,” to enter the tea restaurant market.
6. Launched first functional tea beverage, “Tianshan snow lotus.”
7. Launched first zero-calorie beverage, “Bing Jeon ZERO Beauty Tea.”
8. Taisun Biotech’s HINA brand launched Collagen Spatiotemporal Freezing, Retrospective Freezing of Time and Space, Nuannuan Siwu Iron Foaming Tablets, Aqua Collagen Drink, and Jingyan Beauty Drink.
9. Plasticizer incident: All Taisun products were submitted for inspection to confirm that they do not contain plasticizers.
10. The Taisun Pure Water was designated as the drinking water for the National Games in Changhua.
11. Distribution of cash dividends of NTD 116,568 thousand; retained earnings transfer to capital of NTD 99,916 thousand; capital after capital increase was NTD 3,430,447 thousand.

1. Obtained GMP certification for the production line of chilled snacks.

1. Launched third phase of construction with commencement of the Shoufu Special District.
2. Internal manufacturing capability was improved and additional refrigerating equipment was installed.
3. Signed a five-year, NTD 1 billion syndicated loan with E.Sun Bank to improve financial structure.

1. Capital surplus transfer to common stock of NTD 129,319 thousand. Capital after capital increase was NTD 3,362,299 thousand. Additionally merged with 100%-owned subsidiary Xintai Investment Co., Ltd., reducing capital by NTD 199,850 thousand. After the capital reduction, the capital amount was NTD 3,162,449 thousand.
2. Launched a series of refrigerated snack products.
3. Shares of Taiwan FamilyMart Co. Ltd. were bought in continuously to have more than 20% of shareholdings and substantial influence; the valuation method was changed to the equity method.

1. Capital surplus transfer to common stock of NTD 63,249 thousand. Capital after capital increase was NTD 3,225,698 thousand. In addition, a merger with 100%-owned subsidiary Pintai Investment Co., Ltd. reduced capital by NTD 86,057 thousand. After the capital reduction, the capital amount was NTD 3,139,641 thousand.
2. The Fresh Grass Jelly House and newly bottled pure water were introduced to the market.
3. The modernization of traditional snacks was continued to put MIXED CONGEE – Black Glutinous Rice & Job’s Tears – on the market.

1. Capital surplus transfer to common stock of NTD 62,793 thousand. Capital after capital increase was NTD 3,202,434 thousand.
2. General Manager Kenneth Chan was honored with the “Outstanding Food Entrepreneur Award” by the Institute of Food Science and Technology.
3. A GMP Outstanding Certificate was acquired for the production line of oil products.
4. A new construction project was launched with the commencement of the New Era Special District.
5. The NT$1 billion syndication loan case was renegotiated with E.Sun Bank to extend the period to 100 years.

1. Capital surplus transfer to common stock of 89,964,340. Capital after capital increase (including preferred stock) was NTD 2,639,072,810.
2. Stepped into the construction industry with first case launched in the Taisun Great Century–Special Leader District.
3. The Kunshan plant and Zhangzhou plant in mainland China were completed and started production.
4. Investment was made in Central Union Oil Corp.

1. Preferred stock of NTD 300 million entirely converted to common stock.
2. Retained earnings transfer to capital of NTD 116,953,640. Capital surplus transfer to common stock of NTD 116,953,640. Capital injection of NTD 360,000,000. Capital after capital increase was NTD 3,232,980,090.
3. Taisun Fruit Water was introduced to the market.
4. Central Union Oil Corp. began mass production.

1. Production technology and equipment of soft-bag beverage Capri-Sun was introduced from Germany.
2. Investment was made in FamilyMart convenience store and in Taiwan-wide logistics.
3. The Taisun Cultural Foundation again won the “Group Award for Social Education Achievement.”

1. Office automation system was launched.
2. Launched the second phase of construction for a district catering to high-profile individuals.
3. Raised NTD 450,000,000 through issuance of secured corporate bonds, with funds used to improve financial structure.


1. Entered the refrigerated foods market and started mass production of chilled products.
2. PET production lines were established and passed GMP certification of the Industrial Development Bureau.
3. Kenneth Chan took over as General Manager.

1. Retained earnings transfer to capital of NTD 160,717,920 and capital surplus transfer to common stock of NTD 160,717,920. To enrich working capital. Issued 30 million shares of Type A registered preferred stock at a premium of NTD 20 per share to repay bank loans and build frozen food and meat processing plants.
2. Launched Bing Jeon Black Tea.

1. Capital surplus transfer to common stock of NTD 124,950,470. Capital after capital increase (including preferred stock) was NTD 2,207,458,310.
2. Started selling frozen prepared foods, and also began construction on associated factories.
3. A Japanese patent was acquired for the processing technique of the Taisun Grass Jelly.
4. The oil, food, and feed plants passed ISO-9002 certification.
5. Won a National Quality Award (NQA), the highest honor in quality management.
6. Initiated indirect investment in mainland China by establishing a 100%-owned subsidiary in Singapore.
7. Teamed up with Thailand Uni Food Co., Ltd. to establish a food and beverage factory in Thailand.

1. Capital surplus transfer to common stock of NTD 175,049,530. Capital after capital increase (including preferred stock) was NTD 2,382,507,840.
2. The frozen food plant started production.

1. Capital surplus transfer to common stock of NTD 166,600,630. Capital after capital increase (including preferred stock) was NTD 2,549,108,740.
2. Launched Taisun Pure Water

1. Added a glass bottled beverage production line for food to produce YOGO lactic acid beverages.
2. The construction of the Kunshan and Zhangzhou plants in mainland China commenced.


1. Increased capital by NTD 404,122,880 to boost feed production capacity by 60 tons per hour while improving oil and fat extraction.

2.Launched Taisun Mixed Congee.


1.Capital injection of NTD 36,066,940 to improve financial structure; capital surplus transfer to common stock of NTD 11,315,440; retained earnings transfer to capital of NTD 48,494,740; along with an operational rationalization merger with Yong Yu Food Industry Co., Ltd. that increased capital by NTD 100,000,000, total capital thus increased to NTD 600 million. Built a shrimp feed factory with maximum monthly output of 1,200 tons.

2.Launched Peanut Soup.


1.Capital injection of NTD 51,300,000; capital surplus transfer to common stock of NTD 14,700,000; total capital increased to NTD 666 million. Added a second production line to the shrimp feed factory; Japanese-made equipment allowed maximum monthly output to reach 120 tons/day. Invested in a new production line for Taisun Mixed Congee. Purchased an additional 77,303 square meters (23,384.15 pings) of land for a second animal husbandry plant.

2.Became the first company to obtain food GMP certification.


1.Capital injection of 13,400,000 shares, issuing shares at a premium of NTD 13 per share. Retained earnings transfer to capital of NTD 60,000,000. Used to set up additional auto production lines for Taisun Grass Jelly, introduced equipment to add more capacities for the beverages like Taisun Mixed Congee, Peanut Soup, Green Bean Soup, and Green Bean Paste, and invested in the bulk warehouse for the soybean powder of the oil plant, the pig house in the Beidou livestock farm, and the pollution control facilities of the plant and farm. Concluding his long years of accomplishment, former Chairman Mr. Chan Yu-Chu was elected Honorary Chairman and continued to bear responsibility for guiding our Company behind the scenes. Former Executive Vice Chairman Mr. Chan Jen-Tao was unanimously elected as Chairman by the Board of Directors.

2.Taisun Enterprise became a listed company.


1.Capital injection of 20,000,000 shares, with each share issued at a premium of NTD 36. Retained earnings transfer to capital of NTD 137,600,000. Used for expansion of automatic production lines in food factories, additional wastewater treatment equipment and purchase of office buildings, set up of a shipping center, additional purchases of vending machines, and investment in the logistics industry.

Established a new corporate identification system.

2.The Taisun Cultural Foundation was established.


1.Retained earnings transfer to capital of NTD 59,880,000, and capital surplus transfer to common stock of NTD 203,592,000. To improve financial structure and enrich working capital.

2.The Taisun Cultural Foundation won the “Group Award for the Association of Great Service Achievement” from the Ministry of Education.