Taisun Enterprise was established on October 26, 1950 by Chan Yu-Chu and his three brothers. Starting as Yi-Yu Oil Plant in Yuanlin, it has developed into a professional food manufacturer and now has been passed down to the third generation. In the early days, Taisun profited from salad oil production, livestock feed production, and canned food exportation. In 1973, Taisun Oil Plant and Food Plant were built in Tianzhong and the foundation of Taisun was set.From 1984, Taisun entered the domestic market with the strategy to “modernize traditional delicacies”. We released the Taisun Honey Herbal Jelly, the Taisun Mixed Congee, and other canned sweets to successfully got a fair share in the commercial food market. The following is a presentation of our development after entering the domestic market.


  • Taishan 18 liters of large barrels of oil have a total of 9 products to obtain the Taipei Mosque Foundation Halal Certification (HALAL)。
  • Taishan Enterprise Becomes RSPO Member of Palm Oil Sustainable Production Association。
  • Cheers bubble water listed in May, won the first place in the sales of bubble water single product in June (Nielsen data)。
  • In September, the Kunshan plant in mainland China recognized a profit of NT$90 million, and the proceeds were transferred to Taishan Enterprise (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.。
  • Handling the first legal person briefing session.
  • The Taishan 2016 CSR Report won the Silver Award in the Traditional Group for the TCSA Sustainability Report Award.
  • The BOD directors were reelected. Peter Chan was appointed as the Chairman and Fred Chan served as the general manager.
  • The Sports Administration awarded the Sports Enterprise Certificate.
  • Taisun was selected as the Happy Enterprise in Changhua County.
  • Taisun Mixed Congee was honored with the “Friendly Food for Senior Citizen Friendly Food” award from the Council of Agriculture.
  • The government amended the Labor Standards Act for implementation of the “one holiday and one rest day” system. Taisun held the 2017 control meeting for arrangement of the production line shift schedule, reduction of the personnel expenses, and impact on the company.
  • Taisun Enterprise (Zhang Zhou) Foods Co., Ltd. (Taisun Zhang Zhou), a subsidiary of the Taisun Group, and Hon Chuan (Zhang Zhou) Packaging Co.,. Ltd. (Hon Chuan Zhang Zhou) agreed on termination of the guaranteed quantity on December 26.
  • Taisun introduced the electronic invoice system to facilitate follow-up and trace of food and ensure food safety in the future. We were the first food company in Central Taiwan that introduced the electronic invoice system.
  • Robot arms were introduced to improve the working environment of the refrigeration line and save the manpower needed to work at low temperature.
  • “Taiwan Peanut Soup” was introduced to the market. All of the peanuts were planted in Taiwan to provide safe quality material. No condiments were added. The material was simmered to keep the original Taiwanese flavor that was tasted in the old time.
  • The GMP Certification was change to TQF in the second half of 2015. We supported the change and carried out the sequential certification procedure.
  • Biomass boilers were used in all of Taisun’s plants. In 2015, the fuel oil was saved by 1461 KL and the CO2 emission was reduced by 4,543 tons compared with 2014.
  • The “Inseparable Cap” of Taisun Pure Water won the silver medal of the 2014 Innovative Product Appraisal Award.
  • Taisun signed a contract with the Ershuei Township Farmers’ Association for production of mesona in Taiwan. It was one of the sources of the mesona material.
  • The food and oil plants acquired the SQF-LEVEL3 certificates. Taisun was the first food company acquiring the SQF, an international food safety standard, certificate in the highest certification grade.
  • The pig house in the Taisun Beidou farm was completed with the environment control system. It passed the Carrefour CQL certification and the pork became the Carrefour commodity of under strict selection.
  • The SQF certified 100% Canola Oil was introduced to the market.
  • The unique, environment-friendly, convenient, and patented “Pure Water with Inseparable Cap” was put on the market.
  • Iced Guava Green Tea won the 2014 Innovative Product Appraisal Award.
  • Tsou Hsin-Nan, the general manager, retired and took over the advisor position. The Board of Directors appointed Chan Yueh-Lin, the Chairman, to be the general manager concurrently.
  • Taisun cooperated with Taiwan Hon Chuan Group to develop aseptic filling lines; the “Mesona Tea”, a brand new product, was development under cross-strait cooperation.Promotion activities were held under cross-strait cooperation and two “The Power of Grass” concerts were organized for the first time.
  • The feed plant in Yuanlin changed its market position to a blank feed plant; Taisun Beidou farm cooperated with Shang Lee Food to introduced the “Lean Pork” to the market.
  • The “EXTRA VIRGIN Olive Oil” with the certification of organic food was put on the market under the brand name of Good Oil.
  • The “Good Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil” acquired the national good food certificate. It was the only sunflower oil that contained phytol.
  • The “Iced Guava Green Tea” Fresh House made its debut and ranked as one of the Top 3 new tea beverage on the market.
  • The copper chlorophyll content of the pure grape seed oil that Taisun imported from Spain was detected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as positive. The products were removed from the shelves and recalled from the consumers. They were then sealed in the plant and the sale was stopped for further determination.
  • The Taisun Cultural Foundation was praised by the Ministry of Education as the “2013 Outstanding Education Foundation”.
  • Taisun’s “TWIST WATER” won the 20th Taiwan Excellence Award. It was the first bottled water that won the honor of this well-established award.
  • Taisun’s “TWIST WATER” won the “Excellence” award in the Food & Beverage Category of the Business Next’s 3rd Green Brand Investigation.
  • Taisun’s “Good Oil” won the gold medal of the Reader’s Digest Renowned Brand Award for three consecutive years.
  • Taisun passed the US FDA PET hot filling line certification and became the first company in Taiwan that exported PET-bottled neutral green tea to the USA.
  • Taisun Iced Black Tea (IP 450ml) was incorporated in the “Safe Food Tracing Platform” of the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Taisun signed an agreement with regard to Hon Chuan’s aseptic PET filling line.
  • The PP-bottled ” Black Fungus with Longan Drink ” was introduced to the market.
  • The new snack of “Pearl Job’s Tears” (CAN330ml, PP290ml) was put on the market.
  • The Good Oil entered the olive oil market successfully with a market share of 7%.
  • 2007

1. Ken Chan took over the Chairman position and Tsou Hsin-Nan took over the general manager position.

2. The IP, TP and oil ISO22000 certificates were acquired in January.

3. Nikomart signed an assets assignment agreement with FamilyMart.

  • 2008

1. Pin-Tai Distribution merged Jian Tai International and Pin Tai Company.

2. The aquatic products plant for production of floating ripened aqua feed was completed in Tianzhong.

3. The BSC Performance Management System was introduced to the entire company.

4. The Taisun Puer Water was attached with the processed food trace code that the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, required.

5. The Fresh Honey Herbal Jelly House acquired the “New Product Award” from the Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology.

  • 2009

1. The professional aquatic products plant in Tianzhong was officially launched for production of floating aqua feed.

2. Xiamen Xiancao South Road Co., Ltd. was founded. Xiancao South Road Refreshing Dessert Flagship Shop launched on the Xiamen ZhongShan Road.

3. The Taisun Cultural Foundation won the “Social Education & Public Service Award” from the Ministry of Education in 2008.

4. The GMP Outstanding Certificate was acquired for the packaging line of oil products.

5. The Baidou farm acquired the traceability certificate for its livestock products.

6. The Fresh House introduced the unique large-grain “Black Sugar Mesona with Coconut” and “Green Been with Job’s Tears and Coconut”.

  • 2010

1. Taisun introduced the first environment-friendly bottled water – TWIST WATER – in Taiwan under technical cooperation with the Plastics Industry Development Center, and acquired the first Carbon Footprint Label Certificate (No. 001) in Taiwan for its bottled water.

2. The first bottle of “Healthy and Good Blended Oil with the Essence of Nuts” was introduced to the market. Taisun oil won the gold medal of the “2010 Reader’s Digest Renowned Brand Award”.

3. A happy grateful party was held in The Grand Hotel for Taisun’s 60th Anniversary.

  • 2011

1. Taisun’s “TWIST WATER” was selected by the Food Bev Media in 2010 as one of the 20 most friendly containers in the future. It was the only honored brand from Taiwan.

2. Taisun’s healthy oil won the gold medal of the Reader’s Digest Renowned Brand Award again.

3. The GMP Outstanding Certificate was acquired for Taisun’s packaging line of oil products.

4. All of our product series underwent the test and no plasticizer was detected.

5. The Taisun Purer Water was designated as the drinking water for the National Games in Changhua.

  • 2002

The plant acquired the GMP Certificate for the production line of chilled snacks.

  • 2003

Internal manufacturing capability was improved and additional refrigerating equipment was installed.

  • 2004

Shares of the FamilyMart were bought in continuously to have more than 20% of shareholdings and substantial influence; the valuation method was changed to the equity method.

  • 2005

The Fresh Honey Herbal Jelly House and newly bottled pure water were introduced to the market.

The modernization of traditional snacks was continued to put the MIXED CONGEE – Black Glutinous Rice & Job’s Tears – on the market.

  • 2006

The GMP Outstanding Certificate was acquired for the production line of oil products.

  • 1997

1. The Kun Shan and Zhang Zhou plants in China started the production.

2. Investment was made in the Central Union Oil Corp.

  • 1998

1. The Taisun Fruit Water was introduced to the market.

2. The Central Union Oil Corp. began the mass production.

  • 1999

1. Invested was made in the FamilyMart and the Taiwan Distribution Center Co., Ltd.

2. The Taisun Cultural Foundation won the “Group Award for Social Education Achievement” again.

  • 2000

The office automation system was launched.

  • 2001

1. We entered the refrigeration market and started the mass production of chilled food.

2. PET production lines were established and passed the GMP certification.

3. Ken Chantook over the general manager position.

  • 19992

The Iced Black Tea was introduced to the market.

  • 1993

1. A Japanese patent was acquired for the processing technique of the Taisun Honey Herbal Jelly.

2. The oil, food, and feed plants passed the ISO-9002 certification.

3. We won the “National Quality Award” (NQA), the highest honor in the quality management. 。

  • 1994

The frozen food plant started the production.

  • 1995

The Taisun Pure Water was introduced to the market.

  • 1996

The construction of the Kun Shan and Zhang Zhou plants in China commenced.

  • 1986

The Taisun Mixed Congee was put on the market.

  • 1987

The Peanut Soup was introduced to the market.

  • 1988

1.Investment was made in new production lines for Taisun Mixed Congee.

2. 77,303 square meters (23,384.15 Pins) of land were acquired additionally to build the second livestock farm.

3. The first company acquired the GMP Certificate in the food industry.

  • 1989

1. We set up additional auto production lines for Taisun Honey Herbal jelly, introduced the equipment to add more capacities for the beverages like Taisun Mixed Congee, Peanut Soup, Green Bean Soup, and Green Bean Paste, and invested in the bulk warehouse for the soybean powder of the oil plant, the pig house in the Beidou livestock farm, and the pollution control facilities of the plant and farm.

2. The current Chairman, Mr. Chan Yu-Chu, was retired and elected as the Honorary Chairman. The Board of Directors elected the current Executive Vice Chairman, Mr. Chan Jen-Tao, as the Chairman.

3. Taisun Enterprise became a listed company.

  • 1990

1. We extended the auto production line of the food plant, built a wastewater treatment plant, bought an office building, set up a distribution center, and invested in the logistic industry.

2. A new corporate identification system was established.

3. The Taisun Cultural Foundation was established.

  • 1991

1. The Taisun Cultural Foundation won the “Group Award for the Association of Great Service Achievement” from the Ministry of Education.