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Oil Plant

Taisun offers the most diverse cooking oil selections in the market with more than 60 years of oil processing experiences. In spite of all the food/oil scandals in Taiwan, we have been through all the challenges and passed the SQF Level3 certification in 2014. We have been constantly improving to keep up with the international standards and developed our oil products with the health of the people in mind to release a diverse selection of products that can satisfy the needs of different customers.

Food Plant

Taisun puts a high priority on quality and manages food safety according to the laws.Our food plant was certificated by the FDA and began exporting to US and Canada in 2013. We have taken up SQF Level3 standards since 2014 to better protect the health of the consumers. In 2016, we became the first in the industry to apply ISO9001:2015.We serve as the guardians for the health of our people and set the goal of keeping up with international standards.


With the modernization and elaboration of traditional delicacies in the mind, we keep developing healthy traditional food series beloved by consumers, including the brands of Mixed Congee, Peanut Soup that meet the requirements of healthy food. We are dedicated to bringing health and nutrition to the traditional Chinese snacks.


Taisun’s Honey Herbal Jelly, Brown Sugar Grass Jelly Drink, and Mung Bean Soup with Coconut Jelly are the result of our secret jelly drink technology. We also have Iced Black Tea, Iced Green Tea and Iced Fruit Tea. All of them have been beloved by the consumers for decades. Besides, Taisun’s bottled water leads the market by creating an excellent image. Our Twist Water is the first eco-friendly bottled water in Taiwan. 43% of the plastic material is reduced which results in a reduction of 100 thousand barrels of petroleum per year. With 50g CO2 reduced per bottle, about 55,000 tons of CO2 is reduced per year.
Taisun never stops seeking balance between safety, taste, technology, and environmental protection.

Aqua Feed Plant

Taisun produces a huge amount of soybean powder from extracting oil process which can be used as animal feeds. Therefore, aqua feed production is derived. Our aqua feeds are mainly sold to the aqua farmers in Taiwan. We provide a variety of aqua feeds and professional feeding instructions of usage amount to help stabilize the aquaculture market and reduce price changes. We take the responsibility for the health and safety of our aqua feeds to protect the health of consumes from the source.

Beidou Farm

Our experimental farming was derived from the animal feed production in the early days. We insist on promotion of the safety concept in the fool-safety chain and raise the pigs in our Beidou farm in a healthy and natural environment. Pollution-free and additive-free animal feeds are used and no antibiotics, sulfonamides, or growth hormones are used except for vaccines. The pigs are raised healthily on temperature-regulated pigsties with an automatic water curtain system and good ventilation.Beidou farm passed the French Carrefour’s CQL certification for its pollution-free pig raising methods. We are the appointed meat source for Din Tai Fung, Wang Steak, Yoshinoya, and other famous corporates and subject to their irregular on-site visits. Beidou farm is a carefully-monitored, high-quality farm.

Distribution business

喜威世流通股份有限公司Pin-Tai Distribution Enterprise Co., Ltd.

  • Established in 1987 as Bin-Tai Co., Ltd. changed its name to Pin-Tai Distribution Enterprise Co., Ltd. in 2002. Pin-Tai has a logistics business group and a commercial food group.
  • Pin-Tai serves as the logistics center for the modernized, convenience-oriented distributions. We are in charge of the sales of Taisun products and the logistics distribution of convenience stores. We have a complete marketing and distribution network including wholesales, hypermarkets, jobbers, dealers and other modern and traditional channels. We can sell a new product everywhere in the country once it is released.

Business in China

泰山企業(漳州)食品有限公司Taisun Enterprise (Zhang Zhou) Foods Co., Ltd. 

Founded by Taisun Enterprise in Taiwan in 1997, Taisun Enterprise (Zhang Zhou) is a professional food manufacturer located in the economic development zone between Xiamen and Zhong Zhou and is one of the biggest enterprises in the zone. The land area of the company is 60,000 square meters. With US$20 million invested, we have 3 most advanced automated tinplate can production lines for snacks and drinks, and a PET automated drink production line to produce more than 10 million boxes of products.

Taisun Enterprise (Zhang Zhou) Food Co., Ltd. takes greening and environment recovery seriously. 35,000 square meters of the land area are planted with Broad-leaved trees and grass. The green coverage is up to 58%.We passed the ISO9002:1994 international certification in November 1998 and passed the ISO9001:2000 certification in August 2001. In August 2002, 18 products including Honey Herbal Jelly and Mixed Congee were registered and certificated by the FDA, USA, and sold to the US, Canada, Japan and other countries. We passed the HACCP certification in February 2003.We received the QS mark in January 2005.


Transport business

創新物流公司 Chuang Xin company

Chuang Xin was a transportation department of Taisun before 1978, and , “Chun Shan Transportation Company” was established in the same year according to the Investment Incentive Act. Based in Daxin Industrial zone, Tianzhong, Changhua, we changed the name of the company to Chuang Xin Transportation Co., Ltd. in 1984 and Chuang Xin Transportation has a big scale of transport fleet to help deliver the products to everywhere in Taiwan. With the help of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, we completed the automated storage, transportation and sales management system in 2002, and have become an important logistics partner with the chain stores all over Taiwan.


泰山文化基金會Taisun Cultural Foundation

  • Founded in 1990
  • Purpose: To promote life education and inspire positive and good values for a better life.
  • Values: Understand oneself. Care for others. Love nature. Live out the value of life.
  • We promote mental growth and life education events. With the beliefs that “Enrich your soul for a better life” and “Stay positive for a harmonious life”, we breathe new life into the society and bring peace to teachers, teenagers, and the public and provide great help to the mental growth of people.Meanwhile, we feel that families are the foundations of society. So, we visit middle schools and elementary schools and provide parental educations. We spread correct parenting values to create a better environment for the next generation.

全家便利商店Taiwan FamilyMart Co., Ltd.

We assigned the right to operate 157 Nikomat stores to FamilyMart in November 2007 to achieve the first large-scale merger in the food industry. This was an important investment of us. It effectively increased the overall benefits of the company in terms of investment of the resources in the convenient stores.

FamilyMart was introduced to Taiwan market from Japan in 1988 with a capital of NT$ 200 million. It reached the break-even point in 1994 and started a rapid growth in 1997. New stores were built rapidly since then. The FamilyMart decided to share its operating results with the public and became a listed company at the OTC market in 2002. With the “Customer Satisfaction and Mutual Growth” as the operating philosophy, FamilyMart wishes to act as a bridge for delivery and communication, and continuously innovate and break through together with customers, franchisees, third party manufacturers, the company, employees, and neighbors.

FamilyMart is self-demanding. With the “No. 1 Service” as the core, it takes an serious, conscientious, and true-hearted manner and develops itself to be the most attractive place where customers want to be close to. It tells the stories that costumes are interested in, provide them with their most favorite products and services, and execute the S&Q.C.(Service, Quality and Cleanliness) thoroughly to ensure that every FamilyMart store is satisfactory, friendship and conformable to customers.

中聯油脂Central Union Oil Corp.

Central Union Oil Corp. is a joint venture of the famous listed Taisun Enterprise, Fwusow Industry, and Formosa Oilseed Processing. All of these three companies have an experience in oil business for more than 20 years and each of them owns own integrated oil plants that process 600 to 700 tons of soybeans every day. The Central Union Oil Corp. creates a new era of industrial alliance. It gathers the leading companies in the oil and fat industry, and strives to become a world-class leading manufacture company.

Location: Central Union Oil Corp. is located close to the Taichung Harbor Dock 1 of the Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center. This is a place in Central Taiwan nearby the Southeast coastal area of China, and the excellent geographical location is never replaceable.

Integration of the harbor and plant: Central Union Oil Corp. is connected to the 150,000-tons barn of the Far East Storage/Handling Equipment Co., Ltd at Dock 1 and 3 of the Taichung Harbor. Two 60,000-tons ships can anchor at the dock simultaneously for import and output of both materials and finished products. Integrating with the Taichung Harbor, Central Union Oil Corp. can substantially save domestic transportation costs every year.

ISO14000 Certification: The most advanced ISO14000 International Environmental Protection and Quality Standard provides a reference for planning and construction of new plants. The company operates the soy bean processing plant that has the largest sing-machine capacity in Far East with the environmental protection and quality control as the core.

Computerized control system: The computerized control system ensures precise control of the process, reduction of the personnel, and improvement of the efficiency. All of these are twice as excellent as the traditional production facilities.

Core products: Soybean powder, salad oil, soybean-related products (selected soybean, IOM selected soybean, non-GMO food-grade soybean)

Plant area: 78,800 square meters (about 848,200 square feet)

Capacity: Oil extraction: 3,000 tons of soybean are processed every day; Oil refinery: 60 tons of soybean are refined every day.