Board of Directors


The board of directors is the company’s highest operational decision-making center and the highest governance body. It is held at least quarterly to review business performance and discuss important strategies, and to determine strategic directions for company development, organizational changes, company strategies and vision, and major issues affecting the interests of stakeholders .

According to the company’s articles of association, the company has 5 to 11 directors and adopts a candidate nomination system. The shareholders are elected on the candidate list for a term of three years and can be re-elected, including 3 independent directors. All independent directors constitute an audit committee. After the general re-election of the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting in November 2018, the structure of independent directors in the board of directors of the company has increased to 42.8%, which greatly increases independence from the outside.

The Board of Directors manages its missions and tasks according to the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles” and “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles” to enhance our corporate governance system. (Refer to important regulations and rules).。

Director 詹逸宏Peter Chan

Representative of the Shen Yang Investment Corporation Limited
California State University Fullerton, Bachelor Degree Director, Taisun Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Director, Pin-Tai Distribution Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Chairman, Pioneer Traffic Co.Ltd.

Director 詹景超 Fred Chan
Representative of the Jing Xun Investment Industrial Corporation Limited
Utah State University, Master Degree Director, Taisun Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Director, Pin-Tai Distribution Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Director, Pioneer Traffic Co.Ltd.

Director 詹皓鈞Chan Hao-Jun University of British Columbia, Canada, Bachelor Degree Supervisor, Taisun Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Supervisor, Pin-Tai Distribution Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Supervisor, Pioneer Traffic Co.Ltd


Director 詹佩珊Chan Hao-Jun
Representative of the Dechen Enterprise Co., Ltd.
California State University, Long Beach Bachelor Degree Supervisor, Taisun Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Chairman, Dechen Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Independent director 吳界欣Wu Chieh-Hsin Metropolitan State University, MBA General Manager, Super Dragon Technology Co., Ltd.

Chairman, Super Dragon Technology Co., Ltd.

Independent director 孫初偉Sun Chu-Wei Department of Accounting, Tamkang University, Bachelor Degree

Teaching Assistant, Department of Accounting, Tamkang University.

Auditor, RSM International Taiwan.

Audit Dept. Deputy Chief, Deloitte & Touche Taiwan

Managing Partner of Bai-chi CPA Firm.

Independent director 許永昌Hsu Yung-Chang Fu Jen Catholic University Master Degree

Corporate Counsel, Yageo Corporation

Chairman Responsible Person of Yuan Hsin Law Firm