Board of Directors


The board of directors is the company’s highest operational decision-making center and the highest governance body. It is held at least quarterly to review business performance and discuss important strategies, and to determine strategic directions for company development, organizational changes, company strategies and vision, and major issues affecting the interests of stakeholders .

According to the company’s articles of association, the company has 5 to 17 directors and adopts a candidate nomination system. The shareholders are elected on the candidate list for a term of three years and can be re-elected, including 3 independent directors. All independent directors constitute an audit committee.

The board members are independent and diverse:

In an effort to strengthen the Board of Directors’ independence and diversity, the Company proactively implements the policy of diversifying the composition of the Board of Directors, and there are no limitations as to the gender, nationality or race. At present, independent directors account for 43% of the Board of Directors, while female directors account for 14%; and directors with legal and financial expertise account for 14%, while directors with business management expertise account for 71. Our Board of directors are fully equipped with professional backgrounds and industry experience. The Company aims to optimize decision making and ideas through different backgrounds and perspectives.  The Company thinks highly of gender equality when it comes to the composition of the Board of Directors. The target for female directors is 20% or more and the Company expects to add one female director in the next 2 terms of Board of Directors to achieve the goal.

The Board of Directors manages its missions and tasks according to the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles” and “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles” to enhance our corporate governance system. (Refer to important regulations and rules).


Directors’ professional qualifications and independence

December 31, 2021