Our Culture


Our Missions: For Us and For All

We are Taisun Family and all the employees are our family members. We care about all the Taisun folks who select Taisun as the base to show their talent, and give competency the first priority in the recruitment, appointment, and development of the employees. We do not treat employees differently or discriminate against them due to their sex, race, religion, age, marriage status, political faction, and physical or mental disability.“For Us and For All” is our mission. We are responsible to ensure the employees a better life and, thus, bring their family members a better future. Taisun is dedicated to facilitating a more healthy society with positive cycles.

Our values: Trust, Innovation, Vitality

Mutual support and care are natural among family members. In this big family comprised of many small family units, our values are simple: Treat your colleagues like you are treating your family members; care for the company like you are caring for your family. Therefore, we persist in:

1. 1. Trust and dependability: Understand the requirements of the customer, create delicious food products, control the quality strictly, and be the supporter of the customer.
2. 2. Motivated innovation: Look forward, be brave in breakthrough, create new products for consumers, integrate manufacture, logistic and retailing techniques, and improve industrial competitiveness.
3. 3. Dynamic team: Maintain a flexible organization of high efficiency, form positive and enthusiastic values, learn and develop continuously, and requite the society and benefit the people with our achievements.

Our operating philosophy (core competency): Pragmatic, Positive, Empathy, Improvement.

Pragmatic: Solve problems and achieve goals.
Positive: Take health serious and act positively.
Empathy: Take customer-orientation and create double win situation.
Improvement: Act as a model learner and pursue excellence.