As the awareness of food safety and health management are growing among people, we become more and more careful about the product management process and item. We are learning and improving continuously from supply of the materials, sales to the follow-up and tracing actions in order to provide healthy foods and persist in the most fundamental conscience and belief in food safety.

I.Rating and selection of suppliers and materials

The supplier appraisal items are scored separately according to the result of the on-site visit and the suppliers are graded and managed depending on the result of the appraisal. They are then treated based on the ratings from A to E. The suppliers rated A and B are outstanding suppliers and have the opportunity to receive the orders in priority. The request for quotation is then delivered after measuring the quality, price, lead time, and service. We give priority to domestic suppliers and make risk assessment and management to improve the competitiveness of the supply chain. The supplier rated under C is strategically subject to guidance or eliminated if it cannot meet the requirements.

II.Management of contracted vendors

In consideration of special features and requirements of the product, such as features of the water sources and special factory buildings or technique, we outsource the production of some goods to outside vendors.To ensure manufacturing the products in compliance with the specifications and quality requirements, we select vendors carefully and take into account the environment of the plant, operating philosophy, financial and process capability, the status of the quality management system, and food safety related certification. We irregularly arranged QA personnel to make on-site supervision of the quality and conduct spot check in the field of the vendor during the production. In addition to the field inspection conducted by the vendor, the samples of the final products are sent to us for further tests, and this double-check mechanism is effective to prevent defective products from being sold on the market and affecting the safety of consumers.。

There were 8 vendor partners in 2016 for producing 16 types of products. All the vendors have acquired food safety related certificates and 7 of them have passed the ISO22000 and FSSC22000 certification. They are the vendors that own the strictly issued food safety certificates.


I.Legal compliance

We observe the requirements of the government and did not act in violation of the “Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation”, “Regulations Governing Traceability of Foods and Relevant Products”, “Regulations on Good Hygienic Practices”, “Food Sanitation Standard”, and other relevant laws and regulations, nor receive any fine or any report on offense in 2016. Since establishment of the “Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation”, the government has amended the Act mainly in response to major food safety incidents. We always cooperate with the government to increase the test items and set strict demands on ourselves to act in compliance with the regulations in the hope to enhance the confidence of the consumers in Taisun.

II.Ensuring management of the product quality by observing international SOPs

III.Setup of labs

We have 3 food safety labs for the food, microorganism, and oil, respectively. All the instruments and devices of the labs meet the requirements of “The Establishment Standards of Construction and Equipment of a Food Factory”, promulgated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, to enhance the lab management and improve the accuracy of the test and verification. There were 81 outsourced and 156 internal calibration cases in 2016. All the internal calibrations of some devices are conducted by well-trained qualified personnel.
We have 26 QA personnel responsible for inspections and tests. More than 80% of these QA personnel have food-related educational background. They are responsible for inspection of materials, process CCP and CQP control, inspection and analysis of finished products, and routine environmental sanitation monitoring.To ensure that the product quality is safe and qualified, all the employees responsible for monitoring specific items have acquired relevant licenses. They must also undergo training on a regular basis to ensure the test quality of the lab.

IV.Third-party verification

Food safety is the basic responsibility of the food manufacturer. To ensure that each and all the products provided by Taisun to the consumer are safe without the concern about the quality, we sample products and materials and send them to independent verification institutions (such as local public health bureau, SGS Taiwan Ltd., and Food Industry Research and Development Institute) for testing every year. The pass rate in 2016 was 100%.

The food safety problem significantly affects the consumers and food industry. In addition to observing the regulations of the government, we set up a management mechanism via the tracking and tracing system and enhance the ability of self-management from the material to the consumer end. When a food related health and safety incident occurs, we are capable of controlling the source of the material and the movement of the product to minimize the loss and protect the safety of the consumers and the goodwill of the company.

I.Confirmation of the tracking and tracing system

We test every production line and exercise every year to ensure the effectiveness of the tracking and tracing system. 14 simulated recall tests were made in 2016. In addition to “tracing to the source of the material with reference to the manufacture date” and“tracking the product downstream” as usual to keep improving and testing the materials and products, we implemented a large-scale test of“selecting one batch of material to track finished products of multiple batches” with the PET line as the target in 2016 to improve

 the management function of the tracking and tracing system.The result of the test showed that the system can retrieve all the tracking and tracing records of the products in the production process within 2 hours to generate a recall rate of 100%.

II.Tracking & tracing process

III.After-sale complaint reporting channels

We collect customer’s feedbacks about use of our products from the mailbox on our official website, Facebook, and 0800 hotline. The customer service center filters the feedback every day, so that we can analyze the experience of the consumers and understand how they feel in use of the products and what we shall pay more attention to in the management.
The satisfaction of the consumers in terms of the customer complaint service is classified into phone answering attitude, handling speed, and satisfaction with the handling result. We hope that our products can meet the requirements of the consumers better than ever via continuous suggestions and improvement. We handle the feedbacks of the consumers in four grades – suggestions with good intention, customer complaint, damage incident, and emergency event – and enter the feedbacks in the Consumer Feedback System accordingly. We make factory analysis and reply to the feedbacks one by one.

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